Monday, June 27, 2011

June board meeting—live and direct! (Bob Kopecky and Al Tello exit)

Al Tello
     Check out Tere's Board Meeting Highlights.
     The agenda for the June meeting is here.
     Before providing my notes from tonight's meeting, I'd like to cut to the chase. At the end of tonight's meeting, a knowledgeable fellow directed me to interesting aspects of items 6.5 and 6.6—academic and classified personnel actions. Trustees raised no questions or comments tonight re 6.5 or 6.6. They simply approved them, unmodified, and without fanfare.
     So I looked them up.
     This is from item 6.5:

     The only surprise here (I suppose) is the inclusion of Bob Kopecky. You'll recall that Bob was for several years ATEP's "park ranger" (i.e., Provost). Then, thanks to Raghu Mathur, he found himself retreating to the classroom — IVC's learning center.
     This is from item 6.6 (classified personnel actions):

     K6 is the real surprise. Al Tello has resigned as Director of the Irvine Valley College Foundation.

     And now, my notes:

Bob Kopecky
   Got here five minutes late and, for once, they've started on time. Don't know what the trustees did in closed session. I'll find out. (UPDATE: evidently, nothing of importance was reported. David Bugay was honored for his year-long service as the Acting VC of BS.)
   At present, the board is passing resolutions regarding various sports teams.
   There's a new student trustee — a Mr. Jordan Larson.
   Fuentes and Lang are absent. (Those two were seen together recently at a GOP function.)
   Typically meager Summer audience — maybe 25 people.

   I'll let you know if anything happens....

No public comments.

Board reports:
Bill Jay: no report
Frank Meldau: no report
Marcia Milchiker: no report
TJ Prendergast: mentions graduation of "early college" students.
Nancy Padberg: no report
Dave Lang: absent
Tom Fuentes: absent
Student trustee Jordan: looks forward to meeting people, etc.
Chancellor Gary Poertner's Report:
Formally introduces Dr. Debra Fitzsimons, new VC of Business Services (replacing Bugay)

Requests for reports: none

Consent calendar: nothing pulled.
Unanimously passes

6.1 Fiscal year tentative budget
   VC Bugay brags about the membership and good work of the committee. "Truly a collaborative effort," said one member.

   Fitzsimons, who seems capable, comes up, presents:
Conservatively based, with balanced budget. Beth M. did a great job, etc.
Based on Governor's may revise.
$528 million total
$200 mil. unrestricted
General Fund: $215 million
Cola: 0%, Growth funding: 0%
Property tax income: tax revenues are expected to be flat
Enrollment fees increase from $26 to $36 per unit
No salary increases included.
Basic aid receipts: trends go up and down, over the years.  43 million
$2.6 m for Retiree benefit expenses
$44.7 m future capital projects
No state budget has been approved.
It's been quiet at the state capitol.
Scott Lay has new info: A plan is in the works. We'll keep track of this in coming days
Entering 4th consecutive year of no Cola. Etc.
We continue to make prudent budget decisions. — End of overview.
Jay: good job. Clear. Jay remembers when the district's budget was $10 million. Now it's half a billion.

Poertner: lots of work go into this budget. Some participants were mentioned. College directors of fiscal services did much work.

No further comments. They vote: 5 yes.

6.2 Tentative student government budgets:

IVC: Cheryl Christiansen presents (after intro by Gwen Plano).
Two students come up to give actual report

These kids seemed to do a good job. Hard to say. One of 'em was seriously baby faced.

Any questions? No.


Saddleback College:
Again, eventually, a student came up to present.
This kid is slicker. Seems to do a good job.

Questions? None


6.3:  board policy revisions:

Poertner: passed off to Fitzsimons. Minor changes only. No questions. Accepted for review and study.

6.4 Public hearing (recess). District initial proposal for ... CSEA
No one has expressed a desire to speak. Reconvened.

6.5 Academic Personal actions -- no changes


6.6 Classified personal actions -- any questions? None


7.1 Information item: two colleges, speakers invited. No comments from Poertner, et al

7.2 Basic aid report. No comments or questions

7.3 Facilities plan status report - no comments

7.4 Monthly financial status report - no comments or questions

Reports from "shared governance":
Saddleback College Academic Senate: gearing up for hiring new faculty. Several committees.
Faculty Associations: thrilled at completion of process so far, looking forward....
IVC Academic Senate: flex week calendar ready to go. Speaker series lined up.

Peebles: demolition phase 2 will begin in a couple of weeks (at ATEP)
IVC's Roquemore: thanked students for wonderful job, budget presentations...
Saddleback College (Bushe): no report. Did mention civic light opera season.
Bramucci: no report
Bugay: accreds had six recommendations. The process has been informative. Going well, positive.

Meeting ends at 6:57 p.m.
Briefest meeting ever?


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Welcome BACK. (I'm waving - can you see me?)

B. von Traven said...

Nope. I must be blind.

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When are they going to can Justice?

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Great trends in retirements/resignations. More please.

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When's the goodbye party?

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Glenn (or whoever is responsible) this is the most positive news since Ragu left! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Now, let's keep up the good work and get rid of some of the other problems.

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"baby faced" You're kill'n me, BVD!

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