Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bonzo Park

     Matt Coker offers a curious piece in today’s OC Weekly. An excerpt:

Welcome to the Ronald Reagan Great Park
     …After nervous introductions, we get down to business. But something is missing.
     "I thought when you called you said you'd have documents?" I ask.
     "They're all right here," he says, tapping a finger to his temple. "I have a photographic memory. Won a contest once."
     Cut to the chase.
     "I'm about to blow your mind," he says like a stranger in a Phish concert parking lot. "Those bastards are actually going to name the Orange County Great Park after Ronald Reagan."….
     Hmmm. SOCCCD trustee Tom Fuentes once floated the idea of naming the park after Richard M. Nixon.
     This must be Plan B.

Meanwhile, the name of SOCCCD'S "board of trustees" room is no
April Fool's joke

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A toxic waste site would be more suitable for the great anti-environmentalist.

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