Friday, March 18, 2011

APOLOGIA FRIDAY: local Islamophobe defends herself badly; Dixie Bullock defends her pension (combined with her temp post-retirement salary)

"Pure unadulterated evil!"
     PAULY IS A CRACKER. Our pal Vern over at the OJ Blog has a fun-packed update on last month’s Yorba Linda “hate-fest,” featuring the appalling Deborah Pauly, Tea Partier and recently elected 1st Vice Chair of the county GOP. (See the "gone viral" hate-fest video here.)
     Her colleagues on the Villa Park city council—Republicans all—have purchased 20-foot poles to keep an appropriate distance from the daft woman. Good for them.
     Pauly is shameless. She’s makin’ shit up about how she feared for her life, and that's why she demonized Muslims generally and not just the two Muslim fundraising event speakers—her alleged actual vituperative targets.
     Check out Vern's post.

Not "double-dipping"
     THE DAY THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN. Meanwhile, today, the OC Reg is back on the pension warpath:
     Nearly one in six retired public school educators in Orange County supplemented their pensions last year – some by more than $100,000 – by taking temporary jobs in California schools, according to data from the state's teacher retirement program.
     Zounds! I guess.
     SOCCCD’s own Dixie Bullock gets a special mention:
     Many of the highest paid retirees are long-time O.C. school administrators, such as Dixie Bullock, retired president of Saddleback College in Mission Viejo.
     Bullock topped the list for combined pension and post-retirement public school earnings after spending the first half of 2010 working as a fine arts dean and the second half as acting chancellor of the South Orange County Community College District.
     Bullock, a San Juan Capistrano resident, earned $184,726 from post-retirement work in 2010 and received $125,779 in retirement pay.
     "When I get paid, I get paid for doing a full job," said Bullock, who retired in 2004 after more than three decades with the community college district. "It's not double-dipping. It's called doing a job for someone, and it's probably one of the better ways of doing it. I don't think people would be happy hiring people with no experience into a management job like this one."
     Bullock said educators were simply receiving from CalSTRS the retirement money they invested in the system. Teachers and administrators automatically send 8 percent of their paychecks to CalSTRS, with the expectation that the funds will be invested and returned to them when they retire.
     "I don't know what isn't working about it," Bullock said. "I paid into the system, and I worked all my many years. I don't think I abused the system."
     Seems to me she's got a point.


Bob Cosgrove said...

Dixie earned every dollar that was offered her by this district. She began cleaning up a mess that had lingered for years. She deserves several rounds of applause and our thanks for stepping in.

B. von Traven said...

Well, yes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something to be said about proportion though? I mean, how much is work worth?

B. von Traven said...

It sounds as though she was paid more or less what people doing that work are paid (evidently, she worked half the year as a dean and the other half as the Chancellor). She was asked to step in to do these jobs. Why should she be paid less than that rate? The issue here, it seems, is that she was getting both her pension and this pay. But she earned her pension. It does seem to me to be spinning the facts to claim that she was "paid" over $300k. No, she was paid $185K. Is that too much? In what sense?

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the OC Register desperately trying to make something out of nothing to rile up their stupid readership.

Anonymous said...

Since when is getting paid for hard work and putting money in a system for years and years abusing the system??!! Many, many, thanks to Ms. Bullock for her willingness to come back and begin to clean up a mess!

Anonymous said...

Go Levon!

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