Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aftermath of anti-Muslim hate: Yorba Linda city council meeting tonight—sparks may fly

Yorba Linda, 1939 (click on pic)
Photos courtesy Orange County Archives
     Matt Coker’s latest update of the Yorba Linda “anti-Muslim extremist” story notes that
     During the public comments that are taken near the beginning of tonight's 6:30 p.m. Yorba Linda City Council meeting, concerned locals will address the anti-Muslim rallies outside the city Community Center on Feb. 13.
     Video from the protests posted on YouTube have led to international condemnation of the spectacle and politicians who cheered on ralliers [including Republicans Ed Royce and Gary Miller]. In particular, calls are being made to reign in a top Orange County Republican Party official, Deborah Pauly [of Villa Park]….
     In related news, anti-Bowdlerizing historian Gustavo Arellano has posted his latest in a series of short pieces about past OC pillars of the community who were, well, members of the KKK. This time out, Gustavo lays out the ugly truth about OC historian Henry W. Head, father of an Orange County district attorney, Horace Head—another winner.
     Nasty stuff. But we may as well embrace it. –The truth, I mean; not Head. Nor Pauly.

Yorba Linda, 1920
Yorba Linda, 1920 (click on pic)
Yorba Linda, 1918 (click on pic)
Yorba Chapel, 1916 (click on pic)

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