Thursday, February 24, 2011

"You had me at hello," said the County gasbag

Supervisors to slash the Gordian Knot that ties the OC to John Williams! (Vern's OJ Blog)
…Ah, I remember one sunny afternoon in Santa Ana last summer, when a ragtag gang of four – two anonymous whistle-blowers and two bloggers (myself and Professor Bauer of Dissent) met with brand-spanking-new Supervisor Shawn Nelson, to convince him to slash this Gordian Knot. The logic was impeccable: Remove his plum PG gig, and when all he has left is the dismal low-paying PA gig, the dopey grinning kleptocrat will surely bugger off to Orlando (where he already likes to spend half his time on the taxpayer dime.) Shawn was all, “You had me at hello.” But still the wheels turned so slowly….
Yeah, I remember too. It's all turned out pretty well, I think, despite that gasbag Nelson.

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