Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tom discusses tomorrow's commencement

KOCE’s Inside OC "is a half-hour program featuring interviews, discussions and field reports with government, business and community leaders; as well as pundits, celebrities and special guests."


.....Here’s a list (the link immediately below) of the highest salaried community college CEOs around the country. It’s from a public radio “marketplace” story—in January, I think. The data seems to come from a report done earlier by the Chronicle of Higher Education. ("100 Miles" passed this along to us.)

Community College CEOs Ranked by Total Compensation

.....Mathur is #38. They have him down for $276,870.00.
.....Los Rios Community College District’s Chancellor Brice W. Harris is down for $370,590.00
.....LA’s Marshall E. Drummond (former state chancellor) is down for $358,937.00
.....Rancho Santiago’s soon-to-retire Edward Hernandez Jr. is down for $340,988.00
.....Santa Monica College’s Chui L. Tsang makes $331,475.00
.....City College of San Francisco’s Don Q. Griffin makes $295,004.00
.....El Camino College’s Thomas M. Fallo gets $290,405.00


Anonymous said...

I love what you've done to Tom Fuentes - he never looked quite so cool before.

Anonymous said...

John Williams goes to Florida every month because Florida is a lot like So Cal so he can learn a lot there about the job he has to do here.

For example, both states have Disneylands.

When he visits Disney World in Orlando, he learns about how to better manage the college district.

Anonymous said...

the videos are pretty cool, although the electronic voices are a bit creepy, just as creepy as the real voices. Nice neonazi uniform.

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