Thursday, April 8, 2010

I(VC) coulda had a V8!

Gustavo Arellano reports that he has been invited to give the undergraduate commencement speech at UCLA (Gustavo Invited to Give Commencement Speech at UCLA!). Gustavo seems mighty proud.

He was among the two or three finalists this year for giving the Irvine Valley College commencement speech too. Rebel Girl nominated him, as I recall. (She’s away at a conference.)

But the decision makers here at IVC opted for Jack Scott, the State Chancellor. Scott, who once presided over Pasadena City College, was a state senator.

Boeing chief to be UCI graduation speaker
Most years, UC Irvine’s various schools rarely choose high profile figures to deliver a commencement speech. That won’t be the case this year for UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business. Jim Albaugh, executive vice president of The Boeing Company, will be the keynote speaker for about 350 MBA students on June 13 at Bren Events Center.
A friend sent me an article about the SOCCCD prayer lawsuit. It appeared today in the online magazine “Religion Dispatches.”

Invoking God's Name Like a Bludgeon

Nothing new here, but it’s good to know that people are paying attention.

The article’s author is Lauri Lebo, author of The Devil in Dover: Dogma v. Darwin in Small-Town America.

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Anonymous said...

Arellano and Scott are both wonderful. To have such a choice is a sign that IVC is making progress. Kudos to the committee involved in the selection process and special kudos to Glenn who had to make such a tough call. Scott will be great. The State Chancellor at IVC? Neither Arellano or Scott would have been a remote possibility under the Mathur regime.

The origins of our college district, Part 8: <i>the twisty, unpredictable, curious and dubious episodes that led to the choice of the “north campus” site (part A)</i>

February 1977      To borrow from our President, let me say that denizens of the SOCCCD—and students of politics—will find the narrative ...