Sunday, August 12, 2012

John Williams returning to the SOCCCD board?!

     Bad news! I've come across a right-wing (Chris Emami, Chris Nguyen, and Erik Brown) blog, OC Political, which yesterday reported that Frank Meldau has withdrawn from the Area 6 trustee race (SOCCCD) and that the utterly discredited John Williams has filed to recapture that seat! (The filing deadline was last Friday. Williams filed on Thursday.)
     Worse still, Williams might run unopposed!
     The only glimmer of hope—I'm assuming the OCP report is accurate—concerns the extended deadline for filing for Area 6 (5 p.m. Wednesday). Plus someone named Tim Jemal pulled papers, but has not yet filed (as of yesterday's report).

South Orange Community College District: Fuentes & Meldau Out, Wright Unopposed, Williams Unimpeded Return? (OC Political; August 11, 2012)

Posted by Chris Nguyen on August 11, 2012
     In the South Orange County Community College District, the Trustee Area 6 race went from being one of Orange County’s most interesting to a single-candidate affair, as neither Jolene Fuentes nor Julie Davis filed, leaving appointed incumbent James Wright unopposed at the end of candidate filing. After Trustee Tom Fuentes, Chairman Emeritus of the Republican Party of Orange County, died in May, Wright was appointed to the seat in June (effective July 1) despite the efforts of Jolene Fuentes to gain the appointment to her husband’s seat. Wright was the sole candidate to complete filing, and so, his race will not even appear on the ballot.
     In Trustee Area 7, appointed incumbent Frank Meldau opted to call it quits after less than two years in office. Meldau had been appointed to the seat in January 2011 after Trustee John Williams resigned in December 2010. Williams was also the Orange County Public Administrator until his resignation/unresignation/reresignation in January 2012. With Meldau opting not to file for re-election, the filing period is extended until 5 PM on Wednesday, August 15. Williams filed to run for his old seat on Wednesday, August 8. Tim Jemal pulled papers on Thursday, August 9 but has not yet filed them. If Jemal or someone new doesn’t file, then Williams will walk back into his old seat, despite the chaos of his resignations from two elected offices in the past 20 months.
Related news:
     Dave Lang appears to have filed for Area 1. David Martin pulled papers, but I don’t think he’s filed. In any case, he doesn’t have a prayer.
     Bill Jay has at least pulled papers. So has the inevitable Arlene Greer, wife of Phil. Both appear to have filed “candidate statements.” Bates Greer is supported by the likes of Pat Bates and Dave Lang.


The Hamlet of Orange County Politics: John Williams Pulls Papers to Run for Office He’d Resigned (OC Political; July 31, 2012)

OCCUPATION:Businesswoman/Arts Commissioner

As education becomes increasingly essential in our global economy, our Community Colleges are increasingly called upon to transition our children from high school to four year institutions and real world employment. As parents and taxpayers, we expect our Community Colleges to meet the needs of both high school graduates and older adults who are returning to our campuses. As your Trustee, I will hold the Board, faculty and staff to standards consistent with achieving those goals and objectives.

I have been named Woman of the Year by the California State Senate for my work in the community. I am the former Chairwoman of the Newport Beach Environmental Quality Affairs Committee and a current member of the Newport Beach Arts Commission.

Supervisor Pat Bates and Assemblywoman Diane Harkey endorse my candidacy because of my advocacy of community involvement. Capistrano Trustee Anna Bryson and SOCCCD Trustee David Lang support my candidacy because of my promise to enrich the academic curriculum, enhance our physical plant and extend our community outreach. SOCCCD was founded on a commitment to serve the people of South Orange County. I intend to honor that commitment.

Thank you and please vote Arlene Greer for SOCCCD Board of Trustees


I fear no fish said...

Do you mean that Greer is supported by Bates and Lang?

Roy Bauer said...

Yes, that is what I meant to say.

Anonymous said...

OMG - no. NO! I hope the faculty association stays far away from this guy no matter what he promises us.

We can do better than this.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the faculty association has endorsed Williams already, and maybe even funded his filing fees.

Shripathi Kamath said...

Wait, wasn't Matt Cunningham threatening to round up friends of the Fuentes because of the "injustice" done to his widow?

Roy Bauer said...

Shripathi, looks like Cunningham's project fizzled. Wright is now good as gold.

Anonymous said...

greer may not be a bad alternative to jay, she is involved in the arts, the environment (on the good side) and has done some good community fundraising for schools. just because her husband is an asshole does not mean that she is necessarily one too

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