Friday, May 4, 2007

Get a baseball bat



Today, the district (i.e., Raghu Mathur) issued a press release:

JURY VERDICT EXONERATES...RAGHU P. MATHUR...A federal jury returned a unanimous verdict yesterday finding that there was no illegal discrimination or harassment on the part of Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor of the South Orange County Community College, toward Dr. Acely [sic] Mora.

Six years ago, Dr. Mora filed a lawsuit alleging that Dr. Mathur, then President of Irvine Valley College, failed to promote her to a dean’s position based upon her gender and ethnicity. She further alleged that Dr. Mathur failed to remedy a hostile work environment created by the person subsequently hired for the position, Dr. Rodney Poindexter.

After 6 days of testimony and presentation of evidence, the eight member jury of five women and three men returned the verdict in 45 minutes. They found no illegal activity on the part of Dr. Mathur or Dr. Poindexter.

“I am gratified with the jury’s verdict. It underscores that we are able to choose the best candidate, regardless of race, creed or national origin. Our district and colleges do take immediate action to investigate all complaints of discrimination,” said Dr. Mathur.

The attorney for the case, Dennis J. Walsh, commented, “I’m extremely pleased and honored to represent Dr. Mathur whose commitment to diversity and fairness was obvious during this trial.”


That Raghu sure has a way with words. The verdict, he says, “underscores that we are able to choose the best candidate,” etc. Well, that makes no sense.

But it’s true that things have now been underscored.

As you know, trial testimony revealed that the man that Mathur chose in the spring of 2001 was not the best candidate. This trial, if not this verdict, underscored that Mathur chose the worst candidate.

It underscored, too, that, four years earlier, he refused to choose the best candidate (for a biology position) “because of her ethnicity.” (The hiring committee chair and the Staff Diversity Officer testified that Mathur told them: I refrained from hiring a Sri Lankan candidate because I did not want to be accused of “reverse discrimination.”)


I wonder how female employees of the district feel about Raghu’s “exoneration”?

Women of the district, I ask you. Now that Mathur and the district’s commitment to protecting you from workplace violence has been laid bare, how would you feel were your boss to scream at you and menace you? Confident of protection?

My advice: get a baseball bat.*


At IVC today, everywhere I went, people spoke to me about the expected Mathurian retaliation. It was starting to bug me.

A colleague wrote an email that said simply: “It’s going to be duck and cover—or stop, drop, and roll—for a while.”

Meanwhile, Mathur’s supporters showed their true colors in numerous comments to this blog. Read 'em!

Odd. Mathur's fans all go by the same moniker: “Anonymous.”

(*Re Cely's baseball bat, see Cely's testimony)


Anonymous said...

When the district finally called Poindexter's former employer, they discovered, not only that he was erratic and unstable, but that he had caused his area to lose its accreditation.

This, however, was not enough to inspire the district to fire the fellow. Nor were female employees' concerns. He was not let go until he got into a physical altercation with a PE instructor.

--Not that that fact in any way validates Cely and Kathryn and Julie and Suzie's concerns about what Poindexter might do!

Anonymous said...

No one should own a baseball bat. Baseball bats are deadly weapons and they kill people. We should encourage our legislators to pass into law the "IVC Baseball Bat Free Zone." No baseball bats within 1,000 feet of the campus perimeter. Call your state legislator now and tell them you support a ban on baseball bats.

~ Paid for by the George Sorros socialism America foundation.

Anonymous said...

Well, hell, let's bring Poindexter back.

Let's re-install him.

Don't we need a VP of Instruction at IVC?

Maybe he'll apply!

Anonymous said...

Funny, the district failed to mention that the trial "exonerated" Poindexter as well! No illegality!

That's the new standard: if you go to trial and emerge sans conviction, you're "exonerated."

Anonymous said...

No, 10:03, the standard of guilt and innocence remains the same. If you go to trial and the evidence does not support the allegations you are exonerated. Cely's allegations were not supported by facts. It's as simple as that in spite of all the feminist emotions that lead you and others to falsely believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You are either guilty or not guilty. Not guilty does not equal innocent.

Anonymous said...

"feminist emotions" - uh, can you expalin that term a bit more, please 11:03?

Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Poindexter sue the SOCCCD? I assume over being fired? Any news on the status of that situation? I also heard, although it is third hand, that Howard Gensler was Poindexter's unofficial legal advisor. Is this true? Doesn't his firing, in some way, indicate that the district acknowledged his out of control behavior or at least was nervous about it?

Yes - Gensler, Poindexter, Cayabyab, Kreza, Christianson, Mueller, plus the second generation through the Mathur's hand chosen legacy GR, - Ward, Duncan, White, Cipres, the Dean in counseling two before Cipres, (the one who came from El Camino), & Tello. Yep - they sure know how to pick 'em around these parts. Some are abusive and incompetant and the others, (Christianson, Mueller, White, and Tello), are merely incompetant.

Anonymous said...

Keep a record with dates and times, have your tape recorders ready, your cameras, your third party witnesses, get to know you union grievance chairs - cuz - a vindictive wrath of retribution is about to befall us again from RM. He cannot help himself. The two college Persidents may get it too again, as they have in the past.

He cannot help himself. It may come sooner or later, (years later sometimes), but come it will. Head's up, it may come in the form of a new administrative hire too. Someone taken from the wreakage pile of some other institution's misfortune and refuse.

Perhaps the only way to diminish it is to preemptively call him on it.

Either way, its coming. Duck everyone!

Anonymous said...

How is the Men's restroom near the Saddleback College English Department doing these days?

Anonymous said...

Where oh where did all those old union leaders go? You know the one's who helped with Mathur's petitions and his accension? How do they feel now? Any historical retrospective on them out there? They seem mighty quiet these days? Are they proud of their work?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you but the comments penned by the so-called "jurors" were pretty alarming...if they were really jurors.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Poindexter! We need him more than ever!

Anonymous said...

uh, it's "Soros" not "Sorros."

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