Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A "well respected individual"

And he's oh so good,
And he's oh so fine,
And he's oh so healthy,
In his body and his mind.
He's a well respected man about town,
Doing the best things so conservatively.

1. MR. POSTPONEMENT. I'm told that the trial concerning Cely Mora's discrimination civil suit against SOCCCD Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur has been postponed, so it's not next week after all. Postponements of trials are common. We'll let you know when a new date is set.

2. MR. RABBIT. Here's a snap of Mr. Rabbit. I spotted him today near IVC's Facilities & Maintenance office and then approached him. Despite his reputation for garrulousness, he had absolutely nothing to say.

3. MR. CONTROVERSY. Today's Lariat (that would be our two colleges' student newspaper) belatedly reports on Trustee Tom Fuentes' appointment to the Elections Assistance Commission (i.e., the EAC's Advisory Board). Interestingly, most of the article focuses on a "controversy" in Mr. Fuentes' past:
Fuentes was the center of attention during a 1988 election when he admitted to hiring, on behalf of he OC Republican Party, unarmed uniformed guards to be posted at 20 princincts in Hispanic neighborhoods in Santa Ana...Twenty years later Fuentes maintains that he didn't know the guards were to be uniformed, and that he was not guilty of any wrongdoing.

He didn't know? He did nothing wrong? Oh good. I'm glad he made that clear.

Lawsuits were filed accusing Fuentes of voter intimidation and the district attorney, as well as the FBI, conducted investigations into the matter. One civil rights lawsuit was settled out of court and the investigations ultimately cleared Fuentes of any criminal wrongdoing.

Criminal or not, Fuentes lost his Orange Diocese gig over this little stunt.

Naturally, the agency to which Fuentes was appointed (by Mr. Bush) exists to make sure everyone has a chance to vote.

Um, so why would anybody want Fuentes on this commission? I mean, aren't they afraid he'll propose plastering "El Migre!" on ballots?
Paul DeGregorio, chairman of the EAC, said that he was confident in Fuentes's support of fair and accessible elections. "He is a well respected individual," DeGregorio said. "He made clear to me that he wants every voter to participate in our elections."
Oh good. As long as Tom made that clear.

See also Matt Coker's Tom Fuentes taking 2000 Florida vote nationwide? Scroll down to May 23


Gustavo Arellano on TOM FUENTES

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Anonymous said...

The Orange Catholic Diocese did a pretty good job covering up that "well respect man's" and others' participation in the protection of priest pedophiles.

He's oh so good

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