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From Dissent 9, 9/28/98
I do believe that, at the time of the affair described below, Michael Shroeder was state chair of the GOP. He is closely associated with Bob B-1 Dornan. (Bleccccch)

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Though I had paid my one hundred bucks, I didn’t especially want to go to the Frogue Recall fundraiser at the Irvine Hyatt Regency. I figured it would be a stiff fancy pants affair and, besides, did I really want to hang out with the likes of Cox, Rohrabacher, Dornan, Sanchez, and the rest? Creepy, man.

Still, how could I not go?

I got there on time, and so I didn’t see the motley crew of Nazis who, I later learned, picketed outside, for the stupid fellows arrived late. (Someone should explain to these people that real Nazis are punctual.) I did, however, encounter a man at the entrance—not a Nazi, a Democrat—who waved a sign that said that Congressmen Cox and Rohrabacher are “hypocrites.” I said, “Well, of course,” and then started to walk inside; he handed me a red comb on which was written, “Get Dornan out of our hair!”

The usual crew of Recall stalwarts were already there. In a few years, we’ll all look back at the Frogue era, and everyone will pretend that they had a hand in bringing down Frogue and his friends. But that will be bullshit. When we get to the promised land, it will be because of a handful of principled people who worked quietly, stoically, often alone.

I’ve got to admit: I liked the layout at the Hyatt. We were outside, by the pool, and fabulous babes bathed in the background, or so Steve told me. Tables snaked around the trees and bushes, and there was a speakers’ stand sort of in the middle of things. They were sellin’ booze over to the side, and there was food, lots of it.

The place started hoppin’. Occasionally, announcements were made. Wylie Aitken, a local Democratic bigwig in a sharp black monkeysuit, said a few words and then introduced Congresswoman Loretta “Pit Stop” Sanchez, who, true to her reputation, had nothing of consequence to say, though her hair/smile combo was indeed impressive. “Let’s make OC a good place to live!” said Loretta before rushing off to her next event.

I was surprised to find that Marie Hill, the student trustee, had come. At board meetings, Ms. Hill leaves the impression of siding with the board majority, including of course Frogue, our man of dishonor. What was she doing at the recall fundraiser?

Bill H. spotted her from afar. He walked over and said, “I’m glad you finally came to your senses!” (That’s Bill all over.)

Jeff L. of ECCO (an OC gay rights organization) also spotted Ms. Hill and decided to go ask her why she hadn’t gone after Pam “Big Bird” Zanelli, the district’s ethically-challenged spinmeister. Zanelli was the “professional consultant” who, in ’96, gave the faculty union the idea of insuring the victory of its Sleazeball Slate by pandering to Republican homophobia. (“Stop same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates who want to take control of your tax dollars and your community colleges!”, said the mailer that was sent to receptive South County Republicans.) Jeff walked up to Marie and suggested to her that, if she really wanted to represent students, she should tag Zanelli and the board majority for that misdeed—to which they have never owned up.

Hill responded with noisy defensiveness. As I recall, she argued that she can influence the board majority only if she stays on their good side; and she can stay on their good side only if she avoids direct challenges. Jeff noted that, in view of the board’s unabated assholery, her strategy didn’t seem to be working very well. Hill seemed upset. It didn’t help that I, the notorious UnaBauer, was standing there. Frogue had probably told Hill that I am an operative for the Israeli Mossad.

Hill deserved to be taken to task, I suppose, but I had a sudden fit of chivalry and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna give you a hard time.” She proceeded to vent in my direction. Soon, however, we settled into a pleasant conversation.

Some time after 7:00, we all sat down to dinner, and the speakers spoke. Schroeder seemed to find significance in the fact that Bob “I hate Loretta” Dornan and Loretta “I hate Bob” Sanchez had joined forces to help defeat the Froguester. He explained about the $40,000 we had collected. It really looks like we’re gonna succeed, he said.

Then Christopher “Smiley Face” Cox spoke. Briefly. He mentioned Tolerance and Inclusion. Evidently indifferent to the fact that a chunk of cash was stuck to his right cheek, he asserted, lamely, that we should remove Frogue, “not because he’s a bad man, but because we can do better.” Gee, if that’s our standard, surely we oughta get rid of this smiley Cox fella, too.

Schroeder then introduced Congressman Rohrabacher. One thing you can say about Rohrabacher, said Shroeder, is that he is “a man of principle.” Translation: Rohrabacher may be an asshole, but at least he isn’t a treacherous flesh-eating weasel.

True enough. But Rohrabacher quickly demonstrated that he is a dolt. The Republicans, you see, clearly had a game plan for the evening: to back the recall without being harsh towards the Froguester, who, after all, has his constituency. Rohrabacher followed this plan for a while; but then he slipped up, referring to Frogue as “some nut case,” to the amusement of most in the audience. But it must’ve steamed the Nazis lurking in the nearby bushes.

Yes, Nazis in the bushes. In the course of the evening, three persons known to be associated with white supremacist organizations were ferreted out of the bushes (and elsewhere) by security and asked to leave. One of them—George Kadar, an avowed white supremacist and Liberty Lobbyist who heads “Friends of Steven J. Frogue”—was caught with a video camera. According to two witnesses, Kadar’s camera sported a swastika.

Following Rohrabacher’s undistinguished blather, Shroeder told a story to illustrate how differences between people are relative or something. Recall manager Peggy Thomas then explained that 1700 people have donated to the cause. The recall effort isn’t just peopled by “disgruntled teachers,” she said.

Shroeder stated that the ADL’s Joyce Greenspan had a “significant announcement.” The ADL, it seemed, had decided to speak out against Frogue on a “national level.”

Afterward, some of us stayed and talked. I had a chance to speak with the Vine’s northern field correspondent, who updated me on some of President “Goo” Mathur’s micromanaging excesses. Mr. Goo, it seems, insists on elaborate hiring procedures, involving final presidential interviews, even in the case of relatively low-level classified positions. This, said the correspondent, is unprecedented and absurd. Recently, in the case of one such position, Goo announced that he would be interviewing the 1s , 2nd, 3rd, and 7th ranked candidates. Why the 7th but not the 4th, 5th, and 6th? Because that candidate (a nice person, actually) is a favorite of a Mathur croney, that’s why.

This sort of thing exposes the district to lawsuits, said the northern field correspondent.

As I left the Hyatt, I walked past a large room in which OCC was celebrating its 50th. Appropriately, the affair looked and sounded ridiculous; I think I saw farm animals grazing in there, but it was pretty dark, so maybe not. In the hallway, I encountered some kind of singles club for people with college degrees. They studied me as I walked by. I hotfooted it outa there.

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