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From Dissent 4, 3/27/98

[Michael Collins Piper was among the quartet of cranks that Frogue invited to his ill-fated “Warren Commission” forum. Piper is the reporter for “Spotlight,” which is the chief publication of Willis Carto’s anti-Semitic “Liberty Lobby.” (See ARCHIVES: January and June of 1998.)

When Piper was denied his day in the sun—Frogue bowed to public pressure and cancelled the forum—he was angry and tried various ploys to get back into the limelight. He sent me a letter to provoke me in some way; in it, he repeatedly called me a “motherfucker,” and so, since Frogue was unapologetic about his forum idea, I decided to read the letter to the board (January ’98). Apparently, that really caught Piper by surprise. That’s amazing to me, but there it is.

Here, Piper seems to suggest that I am now in physical danger, owing to his uncontrollable friends. Whatever.

I informed the district, but they didn't seem to care.

Mathur was granted a security stipend because of the "threats" he claimed to receive from a "core group." Oddly, despite referring to about a dozen "threats," he never provided a shred of evidence of the existence of any of them. You'd think a guy would keep threatening letters and emails. Doncha think?]

Letter from Frogue's pal (and invitee) MC Piper

Originally entitled:


By Big Bill

As you know, recently, I received an unscholarly letter from Mr. Michael Collins Piper. I’ve just learned that Trustee Marcia Milchiker received an e-mail message from Mr. Piper several months ago. It begins: “Dear Marcia: I was shocked to see your picture and read your resume and find that you appear to be a sensible, decent person. Contrast that with the shrieking, hysterical manner in which you approached my intended speaking engagement in California.”

He goes on to call Milchiker “crazed” and a “hypocrite” and someone “in the same category as the Nazi stormtroopers.”

More recently—March 23—Piper sent a letter to the Acting Chancellor. This time, it was signed. In the 6-page letter, Piper asserts that he has received some “interesting” information about me. (He fails to say what it is.) He claims that he wrote me to “advise” me that he had this information, and that he wouldn’t use it, although I should remember that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

In fact, I received no such letter. If I had, I would have distributed it far and wide.

More recently, he says, he wrote me another letter to “give me the jitters.” He described it as a “sharply-worded letter including that most infamous of nouns” [namely, “motherfucker”]. It is, of course, the letter that I reprinted in the last issue of Dissent.

Upon a brief discussion of the “infamous noun” (including a quotation by Ashley Montegu), Mr. Piper says:

Which brings me to another point: yes, indeed, my Black Nationalist friends are very disturbed at Roy Bauer and they have been monitoring his activities...And it was one of my Black Nationalist friends, by the way, who selected that choice “term of endearment” for Roy Bauer.

(I would add that I have no control over any Black Nationalists in California any more than...the ADL has any control over the violent Jewish Defense League leader, Irv Rubin who is going to have a forum in the South Orange County Community College District in the very near future.)

Not that I think that the highly descriptive term I aimed at Roy Bauer is applicable to Roy Bauer by any means.

But it has much more impact than calling Bauer the schmuck and the nebbish and the momzer that he is.

Piper then becomes defensive: use of that “foul” term in a PRIVATE LETTER TO ROY BAUER has nothing to do with what I wrote in my book....So essentially, Roy Bauer is one big shvantz who’s trying to distract your attention by focusing your eyes on some ugly words and trying to keep you from looking at a serious and scholarly work...that presents a point of view that he and his ADL handlers don’t want to hear. Don’t let Bauer make monkeys out of you.

Later, the hapless Mr. Piper adds:

What’s more, all sorts of scatological filth also pours out of the mouths of such Vegas favorites as Buddy Hackett, Jerry Lewis and Jackie Mason (who once negotiated to play another major ADL contributor, mob thug Meyer Lansky, in a film of Lansky’s life.) So Roy Bauer better catch up with the times.

His letter ends thus:

Inasmuch as this affair has become a subject of public controversy, I believe it is the right and duty and responsibility of the SOCCD [sic] board of trustees to allow me to come to a forum on its campus to discuss my book and to debate my critics. I’ll even pay my own way. And I won‘t use the kind of language that I use in personal letters (not for public consumption) sent to Roy Bauer.

I look forward to your invitation.

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