Monday, March 25, 2013

Jason Davis in the NYT

     Some of my colleagues here at Irvine Valley College will remember Jason Davis, a student and a veteran (and an occasional photographic contributor to DtB) who transferred to UCI several years ago, where he flourished in the literary journalism program. After graduation, he landed a great job. According to the Times, "He is currently an associate editor and photographer in Los Angeles for, a division of the Motor Trend Auto Group."
     Today, I noticed a fascinating piece of Jason's—about his Iraq experiences—in the New York Times blog. Find it here:

Still Bleeding, 10 Years Later (New York Times/blog)

     Congratulations, Jason!


  1. He would make a great commencement speaker. I like it when we have former students as speakers.

  2. Appreciate the diverse worldview and complex life experiences of your student veterans. Encourage their participation and success.

  3. It would be great to invite him back to campus. Is he involved with the on-campus vet organization?

  4. You can contact Jason at his office here (look for email link)

  5. Ya'll are too kind. Thank you.

    After graduating with a BA in Literary Journalism from UCI, I've for the almost last two years been writing--and mostly photographing--for, an in-market, consumer subsidiary of Motor Trend Magazine.

    That's great, but I may have other news to share this week, maybe, which could affect my physical presence in the state...

    - Jason

  6. We hope to hear from you soon.


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