Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dark Lord
GOP heavyweight Schroeder arrested on drunk driving charge (OC Reg; Watchdog)
     [Back during the Frogue recall (c. 1998), we managed to snag the support of Fuentes associate Mike Schroeder, then the chair of the state GOP. (At one point, he sent me an official GOP thank-you note for my efforts re Frogue.) Since then, he's gained in stature, working in the background, a dark and dirty puller of strings. Schroeder was the chief advisor to the likes of OC Sheriff Mike Carona and OC DA Tony Rack. A real rat bastard. When, during Carona's last run for Sheriff, the OC GOP Central Committee voted not to endorse the wayward Carona, Schroeder and his crew engineered a hinky reconsideration vote, and the rest is history. One of many chapters of deeply cynical connivery and realpolitik. --RB]

They're kookoo for Gaga
     Michael J. Schroeder, former California GOP chairman and political adviser to Orange County’s district attorney, was arrested early this month on charges of drunken driving, according to the California Highway Patrol.
     Schroeder, known as a savvy and aggressive political fixer, is married to the district attorney’s chief of staff, Susan Kang Schroeder.
     According to excerpts from a CHP report, Schroeder, 56, was observed weaving side-to-side and crossing into adjacent lanes while driving his Porsche south on theCosta Mesa (55) Freeway, just north of Edinger Avenue, about 3:20 a.m. on Nov. 1.
. . .
     Mike Schroeder, known in GOP circles as the “Dark Lord,” is a heavyweight in state politics and was once the adviser to ex-Sheriff Mike Carona, who is serving time in federal prison for witness tampering….


  1. At first I assumed he was drinking AFTER the election but now I see he was drinking on Halloween!

    Hmm, some family values at work here. I can't wait to see the mug shot! I do wonder why this took so long to report.

  2. isn't he the new Fuentes?

  3. This is what he wore to a Lady Gaga concert:

  4. He did help us some years ago further the recall of Frogue which we did not achieve.

  5. Agenda is posted! How do we find out how much Poertner used to make? He is getting $1200/month for a CAR!

  6. Raghu GOT a car, insurance, gas allowance and a home security system and several other perks.


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