Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gauchos, ¿Qué tal?

• Derek Reeve, SJC Councilman in News All Year for Knuckleheadedness and Plagiarism, Scoffs at Integrity of His Middle Eastern Students (OC Weekly; Navel Gazing)
"Amazingly, he remains on the faculty at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo…."
• SJC’s Reeve Displays More Bad Judgment (The Liberal OC)
"Reeve is a lawyer by profession and is a part-time instructor at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, which kept him on after Concordia let him go. So if you are a student in one of “Professor” Reeve’s classes at Saddleback, and you are of Middle Eastern ethnicity, please print this blog post out and bring it to the attention of college administrators; especially if you get a lousy grade."
• Capistrano Councilman Reeve at it Again: Questions Integrity of 'Middle Eastern' Students (Capistrano Insider/Dispatch)
"An attorney and college teacher, Reeve, who portrays himself as an arch-conservative, lost his job teaching political science at Concordia University after those revelations. Saddleback College kept him on board, however...."


  1. You know what I hear people say?

    Why does the blog care? Why does Bauer care about this stuff? Who cares?

    But you know, it a damn good thing you do care - and Reeve is a excellent case in point. How these people can with a conscience allow him to teach students, to grade students - to influence their chances at transferring to a university is beyond me.

    but of course they have done it for YEARS with others, excusing their offensive attitudes with a wink and a smile, or a shrug. Everybody knows.

    I am glad you care enough about this and the other issues. I wish more people did.

  2. Well, yes, the Reb and I care about these matters.
    But I need to say: In a healthy community, the question wouldn't be why someone cares. It would be why someone doesn't care.

  3. I must say, the absence of ANY comment these last months by the leadership of Saddleback - faculty and adiministration - sends a BIG message to the Middle Eastern community: WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

    It also sends a BIG message to Reeve and his ilk: WE GOT YOUR BACK.

  4. It's hard to shame people who don't have a conscience, who care about how things LOOK, rather than how things ARE. And that's what we have, folks - people who care about how things LOOK.

    And even with that, they can't comprehend that things LOOK differently to different people.

    So yes, the silence about Reeve, the silence (for YEARS about sexist teachers in the classroom) - how that silence LOOKS to Middle Easterners and women (a whole generation of students who complained) is like this: F--- YOU.

  5. I can't tell how these reports have filled me with despair. Even if they act now, they have allowed this fellow (and others - yes, everyone knows) to teach and humiliate students for a long time. I hope they enjoy their holiday parties with each other. They have so much to celebrate. Their paychecks.

  6. A good place to start to making things better is at the Academic Senate, IMO. It would involve a certain amount of overcoming, I'm afraid, at least at IVC.

  7. I would encourage you to send screen shots of his personal FB account to the Saddleback College President and VPI and Senate President. Nothing can be done based on this blog.

  8. 6:35, WHY do the bloggers have to do this?

  9. Can you imagine how quickly the admin would have acted had there been a pattern of public statements and acts that revealed a bias against Christian students?

  10. Although I agree with the posters who've compared this situation with sexist faculty, it's very different in one way: Reeve is a part-time instructor. No one has to document anything to "fire" him. They simply stop giving him classes. End of story.

    I don't know why that would be so difficult, but perhaps someone who knows more about part-time faculty can enlighten me.

  11. Oh he's someone's pal and that's much more important than the welfare of the students.

  12. 9:05 -- I hope I never have pals who will defend me regardless of whether my actions are defensible. Truly, such people are not real pals.

    But you do raise a good point -- who do we think the pal/pals are? Fuentes? Burnett?

  13. Does that fool H. Gensler have any pull in his School? It would be just like Gensler to "mentor" a guy like Reeve.

  14. I agree with your comment about the Academic Senate. At IVC, our senate, at least one member of the cabinet, has sold out. The VPI runs the senate. We've lost years of progress.


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