derek reeve

The Derek Reeve saga:

• Derek Reeve wants to arm teachers (Dec 19 2012)
You can't make this shit up.
• Plagiarist Reeve loses City Council “invocation” debate (Jan. 18)
They're gonna keep it nonsectarian, Derek
• "Conservative" City Councilman Reeve's latest sideshow (including new specious carnival barkery) (Dec. 28)
He wants prayers to Jesus
• Derek Reeve's take on "middle eastern students" (Dec. 12)
Cheaters, evidently
• Prof. Reeve wants to improve the CITY's reputation! (Dec. 8)

• More clarity re Reeve and Concordia (Oct. 16)
Concordia's Provost issued a statement re honesty
• We illustrate some of Reeve's handiwork (Oct. 11)
Now, that's plagiarism! —And he's still teaching at Saddleback
• More sophistry from Derek Reeve (Oct. 10)
More dishonest reasoning
• Flight from the Concordia (Reeve ceases employment) (Oct. 7)
Inexplicably, our hero no longer works for Concordia U
Of blogs and dogs—and OC IncompeVillainy (Oct. 4)
Reeve denies that he plagiarized—on manifestly specious grounds
"I'm frustrated we're talking about dogs" (Sept. 29)
Reeve retreats
•  Derek Reeve’s failure to be honest (Sept. 27)
Plagiarism for the student and scholar
•  Derek Reeve, plagiarist? (Sept. 26)
So it appears. Oh my.
•  Bill O’Reilly calls Reeve a “pinhead” (Sept. 23)
For what that's worth. Has Reeve's ploy for attention backfired?
•  Plain old Prejudice (Sept. 21)
The OC Reg's Frank Mickadeit isn't buying Reeve's explanations. Oh my. Mr. Establishment gives Reeve the thumbs down.
•  An offensive trend among OC elected officials (Sept. 21)
D'uh. OC lives up to its lowly reputation.
 I smacked myself upside the head (Sept. 17)
I visit my folks and present my Republican "lout" thesis.
 •  Professor Reeve's curious Facebook page (Sept. 16, 2011)
It appears that Prof. Reeve communicates with students via a "Prof Reeve" Facebook page, in which he makes course-related announcements and leaves recommended readings—comprising wall-to-wall right-wing and libertarian perspectives. He makes prayer suggestions, too.
•  Saddleback's Derek Reeve to City Council: "I named my dog Muhammad" (Sept. 15, 2011)
Reeve reveals his loutishness, drawing attention to his naming his dog "Muhammad."
•  South County Politician—and Saddleback Poli Sci instructor—wants citizens to be able to carry their (unloaded) guns almost everywhere (July 6, 2011)
Our first notice of Reeve, a pro-gun libertarian and Saddleback Poli Sci adjunct.

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