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7-23: Huntington Beach a "symbol"

Coronavirus Hospitalizations Plateau in Orange County After Sharp Rise

Voice of OC

     The number of people hospitalized with coronavirus in Orange County has plateaued at around 700 current patients – after rising sharply for several weeks starting in mid-June.

     Doctors and hospital officials say they’re cautiously encouraged that hospitalizations are not rising, while also urging the public to wear masks and physically distance.

     According to experts, the local hospital system can manage the current volume of patients, with several local hospitals converting regular patient rooms into intensive care rooms as part of their separation of COVID and non-COVID patients into separate wings of a hospital.

     Yet at the same time, the pandemic is taking a toll on nurses and other staff, whom hospitals say are stretched thin, and some hospitals have paused non-emergency surgeries to help conserve protective gear.

     “We’re at a sort of tipping point right now, where if things get worse, we are going to be in a situation where the hospitals are going to need help to deal with increased COVID hospitalizations,” including bringing in outside staff, said Dr. Saahir Khan, an infectious disease specialist who works at the intensive care unit at UC Irvine Medical Center, speaking about the overall hospital system in Orange County.

     “So this is really a critical time for people to be responsible and maintain adherence to all the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” he added.

     “We’ve been able to handle what we’ve got. If we disregard social distancing, wearing a mask, if we start opening up in an irresponsible fashion, we’ll flood the system…you can see that in the states that did that” like Florida and Arizona, said Dr. Todd Newton, the Orange County medical director for Kaiser Permanente, which has two hospitals in Orange County….

California shatters another record for new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations -- Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday that 12,807 new coronavirus infections had been reported statewide in the past 24 hours — a record high — bringing California’s total to 413,576. Luke Money in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/23/20


California State U. Board Approves Ethnic-Studies Requirement That Dismays Ethnic-Studies Professors

California’s online community college still has much to prove

     California’s online community college still has much to prove -- Calbright College, California’s online community college, may have survived elimination in the state’s budget, but the pressure is on to prove its value to the state. Ashley A. Smith EdSource -- 7/23/20

     …Phil Hill, an online education consultant, who has helped the state’s community college system with its Online Education Initiative, enrolled in Calbright last year as a student on his own to see how it measures up to similar online college programs.

Hill said he wasn’t paid by the system or the college to test Calbright, and he doesn’t describe himself as a critic or advocate of the online college. As an online education expert and California taxpayer, he was curious. But what he found was a poorly-designed and confusing class that could hinder students’ and Calbright’s success…..

‘I don’t believe it’: Huntington Beach a symbol of mask resistance as doubters abound -- As Brad Colburn whisked his metal detector over the tan sands of Huntington Beach, a rejection of Orange County’s spiking coronavirus infection rates surfaced. “I don’t believe it. I don’t believe the rates are rising,” Colburn said. “They’re inflated. It’s another way of shutting everything down … of the Democrats trying to get what they want.” Jake Sheridan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/22/20


COVID-19 Roundup: Colleges Tilt Toward Online Openings

Inside Higher Ed


Trump details ‘difficult’ cognitive test he says he aced


     “Joe should take that test because something is going on, and I say this with respect,” Trump said. “I mean, [it’s] going to probably happen to all of us, right? You know, it’s going to happen. But we cant take a chance of it happening.”

Dems rebuke culture of sexism in defense of Ocasio-Cortez


     Ocasio-Cortez recounted the confrontation with Yoho — which was witnessed by a reporter — in a speech Thursday morning, lamenting the incident as an outgrowth of a toxic and sexist culture that some lawmakers still perpetuate on Capitol Hill.

     “These are the words representative Yoho levied against a congresswoman,” Ocasio-Cortez said, saying aloud the words that Yoho was overheard saying to describe her: "F---ing b----.”…. 

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Go lady, go! Give them hello and Hoyo Joeyo how does if feel to be called out? Hope it continues with lots of others calling you out.

8-14: do you regret all the lying?

✅ Trump Encourages Racist Conspiracy Theory on Kamala Harris’s Eligibility to Be Vice President NYT ✅ Orange County Sees Overall Coronavirus...

Goals and Values and Twaddle

blather: long-winded talk with no real substance*
The whole concept of MSLOs [measurable student learning outcomes] as the latest fad in education is somewhat akin to the now discredited fad of the '90's, Total Quality Management, or TQM. Essentially, the ACCJC adopted MSLOs as the overarching basis for accrediting community colleges based on their faith in the theoretical treatises of a movement.... After repeated requests for research showing that such use of MSLOs is effective, none has been forthcoming from the ACCJC [accreditors]. Prior to large scale imposition of such a requirement at all institutions, research should be provided to establish that continuous monitoring of MSLOs has resulted in measurable improvements in student success at a given institution. No such research is forthcoming because there is none….
The Accountability Game…., Leon F. Marzillier (Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, October, 2002)
In the summer of ’13, I offered a critique of the awkward verbiage by which the district and colleges explain their values, goals, and objectives —aka SOCCCD'S G&V (goals and values) blather.
I wrote a post each for the district, Saddleback College, and Irvine Valley College efforts. (See the links below.)
This verbiage—stated in terms of “values,” “missions,” “goals,” “visions,” and whatnot—is often badly written. It is sometimes embarrassingly trite.
It occasionally communicates something worthwhile.
No doubt you are familiar with the usual objections to jargon. Higher education, too, has its jargon—an irony, given typical college-level instruction in writing, which urges jargon eschewery.
Sure enough, SOCCCD G&V blather is riddled with jargon and with terms misused and abused. For instance, in the case of the district’s dubious blather, the so-called “vision” is actually a purpose. Why didn't they just call it that?
As one slogs through this prattle, one finds that "visions" tend to be awfully similar to “missions,” with which they are distinguished. The latter in turn are awfully similar to “goals,” which must be distinguished from “objectives.” But aren't goals and objectives pretty much the same thing?
These perverse word games will surely perplex or annoy anyone armed with a command of the English language. In fact, readers will be perplexed to the degree that they are thus armed. Illiterates, of course, will be untroubled.
Here's a simple point: the district and colleges’ G&V blather tends to eschew good, plain English in favor of technical terms and trendy words and phrases (i.e., it tends to be bullshitty and vague). Thus, one encounters such trendy terminological turds as “dynamic,” “diversity,” “student success,” and “student-centered.” Even meretricious neologisms such as ISLOs and “persistence rates” pop up, unexplained, undefended.
Does anyone see a transparency problem with all of this? Shouldn't the public, or at least the well educated public, be able to comprehend statements of the colleges' goals and values?
In the case of the district, to its credit, all it really seems to want to say is that it wants to teach well and it wants students to succeed. Admirable!
So why all the ugly, common-sense defying, buzzword-encrusted claptrap?

Districtular poppycock: our “vision” and our “mission” and our tolerance of twaddle - July 31, 2013

THEY BUZZ: Saddleback College's "Mission, Vision, and Values" - August 4, 2013

IVC’s vision, mission, and goals: nonsense on stilts - August 5, 2013

THE IRVINE VALLEY CHRONICLES: no ideas, just clichés & buzzwords - Sep 30, 2013

*From my Apple laptop's dictionary