Monday, December 18, 2017

Cookiemas 2017!

Today marked the 11th annual Cookiemas celebration, the second one held in the swanky LA second floor lounge. You know you've done something right if you end up at Cookiemas, whether by intention or through accident. Today's celebrants were rewarded with hot apple cider, Beatrice's amazing bundt cakes, cookies galore and more.

According to Dissent records, the first Cookiemas was held in 2006 in the deary but serviceable A-200 lounge. Here's a photo:

Ugly table covered by OC Weeklys. Ho ho ho.
Plus our intermittent coverage through the years

2006: Chestnuts Roasting.

2008: A Delightful Cookie Soiree

2014: Cookie Mas & Cuban Cigars

Today's celebration may have been the best ever.

There was so much to talk about and so many questions to ask, and answer. When would the semester finally end? Why did it seem like one-third of the campus had already left for the holidays? How did that square with the new edict that one should not even take a second sick day during the semester without arranging for a substitute teacher? Do the last two weeks of the semester really count? Or only for those teaching in Humanities and Languages? What happened to Weekend College? Remember Weekend College? When would the # Me Too movement arrive at the little college in the orange groves? Will they still "auction" off the opportunity to coach the women sand volleyball team this year?

In between teaching, eating cookies and pressing replay on the beat box which was cranking our Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts soundtrackRebel Girl kept quoting Rebecca Taister to whoever would listen:
"Women’s access to work and to power within their workplaces is curtailed, often via the very same mechanisms that promote, protect, and forgive men, the systems that give them double, triple chances to advance, and to abuse those around them, over and over again.”
And, from this past week's NY Times Sunday Magazine spread, Janna Wortham's opening salvo:
"'Revolution will come in a form we cannot yet imagine,' the critical theorists Fred Moten and Stefano Harney wrote in their 2013 essay “The Undercommons,” about the need to radically upend hierarchical institutions. I thought of their prophecy in October, when a private document listing allegations of sexual harassment and abuse by dozens of men in publishing and media surfaced online."

Thanks for showing up and making the season bright.



Anonymous said...

I do think the college should rethink "auctioning" off time spent with female atheletes.

Anonymous said...

Cookiemas is always so special. Thanks to all the cooks!

Anonymous said...

Cookiemas! Had a good time!

Anonymous said...

The district certainly needs a #MeToo campaign.

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