Monday, July 10, 2017

Congressman Utt on the "free speech" movement: "fire the professors"

     "Utt the Nut," they called him. Congressman James B. Utt was a classic paranoid cold warrior. (See Saddleback College's "Nutt" Memorial Library.)
     Here, in June of 1965, we find him confronting the "free speech" movement at UC Berkeley and beyond, which objected to our nation's policies in Viet Nam and elsewhere. "The student demonstrations," Utt tells us, "are sponsored and financed by the International Communist Conspiracy.""These bearded beatniks and these fuzzy-wuzzy professors are a threat ... to our external security."
     The "Washington Report" column appeared in the Tustin News. Tustin in those days was more than open to Utt's stark vision of the world.
     (Click on graphic to make it somewhat more readable.)

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Anonymous said...

Utt is gone and I suspect remnants of his legacy live on. We seen some in past BOT members. We are still here. I remember Frogue saying that "administrators and Board members come and go but the faculty remain."

Traitor? Idiot? Both?