Sunday, May 14, 2017


     I was at a party last night, and somebody asked, "Whatever happened to Jolene Fuentes?"
     You remember her. Tom's widow. She showed up at the SOCCCD after Tom's death (2012) to claim his vacant trustee seat. When she didn't get it, the usual crew of right-wingers across the state claimed that she was robbed. I was identified as one of the robbers. Hilarious.
     After that, as I  recall, she and like-minded (i.e., corrupt) Republican pals descended on local (Lake Forest) government. She had her sites on the Planning Commission. (See Whatever happened to Jolene Fuentes? (By hook or by crook: the real Fuentean legacy), July 11, 2014.)

     Here's what I dug up about Jolene Fuentes, 2017. Essentially, she did manage to get on the planning commission, where she is currently serving her second term as chair. She's now running to renew her seat on the Lake Forest Home Owners Association (II), Board of Directors:

     I came across this goofy video, featuring Jolene:

     She’s on the steering committee of a Lake Forest anti-recall campaign.
     She’s endorsed the usual crew of California Republican candidates.

     * * *
     Jolene's interest in city planning is interesting.
     Tom was involved in planning too, years ago. More about that in my next post.

* * *

     And whatever happened to Tom’s son, TJ?
     A year ago, he ran successfully for a seat on the OC GOP central committee. He's 2nd Vice Chair. He's also on the “endorsement committee.”

     I found him on the roster for the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board and board assistant/consultant (there’s a roster).
     Like his mom, TJ is on the board of directors of a Home Owners’ Association, namely, the “Four Fours Association”: “Nestled across from the Upper Newport Bay Regional Park and with units having views of the Upper Newport Bay, the Four Fours Association established in 1962 is one of the oldest community association's in Orange County.”


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Steve Frogue?

Anonymous said...

Is the OCC prez really a frontrunner for the SOCCCD chancellor's gig?

Anonymous said...

Is that the hideous brainless piece of crap Rick Perry in your pic?

Anonymous said...

I heard Glenn applied for the chancellor gig as well. It would be interesting if indeed he were a finalist against his old nemesis at OCC. I have never figured out the origins of that rift. Pass the popcorn.

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