Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ethics Schmethics! (& damage-control)

The Republican Ethics Vote: What Happened? (NYT)
     House Republicans voted in a private meeting on Monday to strip the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics.
     But by Tuesday, facing a firestorm of criticism from both side of the aisle and President-Elect Donald J. Trump, they moved to reverse that plan....
See also

Split Views On Enforcing OC Political Ethics
(Voice of OC, Aug 5, 2014)
     A long running argument between unofficial campaign finance watchdog Shirley Grindle and Orange County supervisors over how to enforce ethics in local politics has erupted again, with Grindle urging voters in November to reject the supervisors’ plan for the state to take on the responsibility.
. . .
     For years, Grindle has tried to convince supervisors the county needs an independent ethics commission to review complaints about wrongdoing, ranging from campaign finance law violations to abuse of power within the sprawling county bureaucracy.
     Although Grindle isn’t alone – three separate grand juries in recent years have recommended an ethics commission -- she’s been consistently rebuffed by supervisors, who dismiss the idea as costly and potentially compromised by political biases….


Anonymous said...

Like the Democrats never bring in their super rich when they get power? Warren is a complete hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look at all the oil billionaires on the Obama cabinet.

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