Monday, November 14, 2016

SOCCCD: "reaffirm our values of inclusiveness and diversity"

This just in, though the absence of any kind of context, might make a reader wonder why now is the time to "reaffirm our values." Hey, what happened?

UPDATE: Sources suggest that the email was sent only to employees, not students. Make of that what you will.

FURTHER UPDATE: Classified employees reportedly did not receive this email.

Our Commitment to All

South Orange County Community College District, Saddleback College, and Irvine Valley College reaffirm our values of inclusiveness and diversity, and strive to create a welcoming environment where all people can learn and grow. We believe that expanding the mind is integral to individual and societal growth, economic stability, and intellectual decision making. We extend this opportunity to all students with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We commit to continual professional development among our devoted faculty and staff who choose this career to help others succeed. We are partnering with our diverse community to make the world a better place, a safer place, a more inclusive place, and a more educated place, one student at a time.

Dr. Debra L. Fitzsimons, Interim Chancellor
Dr. Tod A. Burnett, President, Saddleback College
Dr. Glenn R. Roquemore, President, Irvine Valley College
C.M. Brahmbhatt, Interim Vice Chancellor, Business Services
Dr. David Bugay, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Dr. Robert Bramucci, Vice Chancellor, Technology & Learning Services



Anonymous said...

talk about vague and in cohesive thoughts, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

DF needed to do the right thing while pleasing the Trump supporters in the admin. That's why the message is vague. SOCCCD is more political than the rest of the state. Unbelievable!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this? Something to please the accreditors? They didn't even send this "affirmation" to the students who are, after all, the ones who are the most vulnerable right now. Is this what they were working on all weekend? This big nothing?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the need for the district to reiterate its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity. The results of the election did not change this. And students "grieving?" I truly do not understand. And please don't accuse me of "white privilege," because I am not Caucasian. I am the son of immigrants and was beat up in school on a regular basis. My parents became citizens of the United States, and to their dying day, this was their proudest moment.

Although I wasn't especially thrilled to do so, I voted for Clinton, with the legislative and judicial branches of the government in mind. Still, I do not hate Trump or Trump supporters. Their opinions are as valid as my own. The election was fair. The electoral college worked as it was intended by the founding fathers, keeping the highly populated states from deciding the election. The demographics for the election were not significantly changed in Trump's victory from those of the 2012 election (see

I do not understand the protesting and the hatefulness exhibited by those opposed to Trump. I protested against U.S. involvement in Viet Nam. That was a cause. What are the post-election protests about? The protests feel to me more like someone crying because they didn't get their way. Elections are like that. Someone wins, someone loses. That is democracy in action.

I believe we, as faculty, need to consider our part in the events following the election. Are we perpetrating the hatefulness and divisiveness, or are we teaching tolerance, acceptance, and the meaning of democracy.

My candidate and my party did not win, but I will move on and support President Trump. The only way to overcome divisiveness and the tension in our nation is to work together to resolve it.

Anonymous said...

I thought this message was good

Anonymous said...

Who was it sent to exactly? Why? Perhaps this is not in response to the election and the climate on campus but part of the accreditation report.

I would like to know how his proposed policies will affect our international student population. Many are Muslim. Does anyone know anything?

Anonymous said...

They have now posted this on the college web pages but lacking context (aka "guts") it is confusing.

Anonymous said...

Classified and students did get this message.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some did and some did not. Or perhaps it was sent out in stages?

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