Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Palo Alto USD: "It is important that we model compassion and respect for all members of our community."

Superintendent's Executive Summary 

...During the past few days, our entire community has experienced a wide range of conflicting emotions as we have processed the results of the Presidential elections. While some students, staff, and families move through this transition more quickly and easily, others do not, so we must focus on safety and wellness of each and every one of our children.

I am so proud that our students are deeply invested and engaged in our country and this is a wonderful time to discuss the underlying principles of our democracy: freedom of speech, a collective commitment to equity, and our inalienable rights. It is important that we model compassion and respect for all members of our community. As caring adults we also have the opportunity to emphasize the beauty of diversity, the importance of belonging, and the benefit of coming together during times of transition. We must be constructive and thoughtful in our communication through the coming weeks with our children, to support them in seeking healing when they are hurt, and modeling humility if victorious.

We are encouraging students to express their emotions in healthy ways - engaging in thoughtful discussions, civil discourse, and respectful debate; writing letters to elected officials and even their future selves; and practicing self care through mindfulness and/or physical activity. Despite our best efforts, we have seen some isolated incidents of harassment so if you notice that a student needs extra support, or if any incidents of harassment are shared with you, please notify the school immediately. We will take immediate and decisive action. Also, on site counseling and support are available. Please check in with the school psychologist and/or wellness center staff if additional support is needed for your child.

Additionally, below are some resources that may be helpful to answer questions that your child may have about the election process:

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