Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Donald Trump's America

Laguna Beach: "Last night my friends and I were on pch and got yelled 'beaners' and mocked for speaking spanish. Pretty hard to go out at night and have fun now. These were all white people in their fancy cars."

Orange: Angie reports that at a liquor store off Chapman Avenue, a man told her, "I don't know if you're a nigger, Puerto Rican, or a wetback but your ass is going back!" Her response: "Before you come out and offend, go get yourself an American car." He was driving a Honda.

Huntington Beach: At a grocery store, a man was told by the clerk he'd now have to buy a plastic bag, per California's new law. The man looked at his wife, and said "Oh great, now I have to pay this beaner for bags!!! Trump will overturn this, it's beyond stupid!"

Foothill High: A female student yelled, "Trump won, you motherfucker," to a biracial female student.

Anaheim Hills: At a CVS, a female customer on a cell phone said so the pharmacy staff could hear, "Mom, I don't know what to do, there's a stupid looking Asian chink here who doesn't know what she's doing" adding, "all these fucking Asians are taking the jobs. I don't even recognize any of these fucks — where are the old people that worked here?"

Fullerton: Jeanette Champion-Fanning reports: "I was putting my shopping cart away at Costco in Fullerton last Friday evening when someone shouted, "Murderer!" at a Muslim family. I couldn't figure out who did it because the coward yelled it from a line of moving cars."

Anaheim: Four white men outside the Packing House told a Latina to go back to her country.

Westminster: "I was walking from my car to 7-11 when an old guy walking out says, 'Sup man?' He seemed sarcastic, but I thought nothing of it and respond with a generic, 'How's it goin'?' He says, 'Good now.' [emphasis his]. I said, 'Glad you're good,' as I kept walking toward the door As he gets in his car, he says, 'Fucking chink,' and closes the door."

Westminster: Two white guys yell at parents walking their children to school "Get out! "Trump #1" and "Go back already."

Costa Mesa: At an ATM, a middle-aged white man tells a Latino, "You don't belong here, Mexican, can't wait for you to get deported. America will be great after all the Mexicans get deported and Donald Trump will make it happen."

Costa Mesa: At a Home Depot, two skinhead types yelled "Go back to Mexico" to Latinos and told a handicapped gentleman that this country didn't need "retards," either.

Santa Ana: Outside the police station, a man with an American flag T-shirt passed a Latina with two young girls and said "Two more months until no sanctuary cities. No more illegals!"

—From Here's a Few (OK, a LOT) of Hate Incidents in Orange County Inspired By Donald Trump's Win (OC Weekly)


Anonymous said...

Nothing like sharing hate and giving stupid people more press. Can always count on Roy to perpetuate ignorance and inflammatory bull shit!

Anonymous said...

I am most impressed by the range of accounts, the high preponderances of CVS's as settings -a and that former pal of Nixon's whose parishioners have been victims. Disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Any of these alleged incidents can easily be made up. Citations?

Anonymous said...

Well, you've got to take into account background info, like the enormous spike in incidents reported by such organizations as Southern Poverty Law, etc. It's pretty obvious that these kinds of incidents are happening more than prior to the election. You even see it in what politicians and everyone else is willing to say in public: a new unabashedness about themes that were once "incorrect." --RB

Anonymous said...

Those of us who watch the news have seen precisely such comments, and worse, being made by Trump supporters for many months. Recognize reality, Mr. Troll.

Anonymous said...

Free speech works both ways even if it's distasteful speech. For decades foreigners have been breaking into our country, disrespecting our laws, bringing in drugs, hurting or killing our people, desecrating our flag, parading their flag while accusing us of being racists, etc... So now the tables have turned and they're surprised? Give us all a break!

Forex Adviser said...
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