Thursday, November 10, 2016

"California Community Colleges Reaffirm Values of Inclusiveness and Diversity Following Presidential Election"

From the CCC Chancellor's Office, released just a few minutes ago:

California Community Colleges Reaffirm Values of Inclusiveness and Diversity Following PresidentialElection
As student government leaders from around the state gather in Sacramento for their general assembly, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office on Thursday reminded students, including undocumented students, that financial aid remains available for them to pursue their educational goals.

“While the presidential election has been divisive and has sparked anxiety and uncertainty on our campuses, we will always embrace the values of inclusion and diversity and support all students who want to build better lives for themselves and their communities,” said Interim Chancellor Erik E. Skinner. “No student should forgo the opportunity to apply for financial assistance at our colleges.”

In California, in-state enrollment fees and state financial aid -- including fee waivers, Cal Grant and privately funded institutional scholarships -- are available to certain undocumented students, or Dreamers. These benefits are protected by California law, and more information can be found by clicking on the “Dream Act” link at

Skinner also noted that community college financial aid and student services professionals are available to support undocumented students, and several colleges have on-campus Dream Centers.

“We look forward to joining the leaders of the Student Senate for the California Community Colleges this weekend to reaffirm our commitment that our colleges are welcoming and supportive for students of all backgrounds,” said Skinner, who added that the community college system will continue to work closely with the University of California and California State University systems on supporting all students.



Anonymous said...

This statement needs to be distributed to the faculty and staff and the students of our district.

Anonymous said...

At both colleges and perhaps In-service professional development sessions as well.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else note the conspicuous absence of any statement from either of our colleges on the results of the presidential election? While academic leaders nationwide made an attempt to reassure their constituencies, or at least commit to working with the president-elect (no matter how distasteful that might be)? It seems fairly obvious that the two presidents were reveling in the results and completely out of touch with their campuses.

Anonymous said...

It would be good if the chancellor and/or the college presidents sent this out to everyone. After all, they forward everything else, most of which has much less impact on our students.

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