Sunday, October 9, 2016

Don Wagner Fun Fact #2: Far out and far right

Seven years ago as Don Wagner sought to spring from the SOCCCD to Sacramento, OC Weekly's Matt Coker covered Wagner's base of support in this article: 

Don Wagner Kicks Off Assembly Bid With a Little Help From His Far-Out, Far-Right Friends

How far out? How far right? Read and see!

Wagner is currently a candidate for mayor of the fair city of Irvine. 



Anonymous said...

Who is the FA backing for all the trustee elections? It's not on the FA website who they endorse.

Anonymous said...

They are endorsing and phonebanking for Alpay.

6B: more on Saddleback's "bookie trustee"

Mr. Brannon, long ago The Happy Bookmaker      As it turns out, Alyn Brannon, one of our district’s original board trustees (1967-1...