Thursday, September 29, 2016

Third Annual Banned Books Day

For the third year in a row, IVC celebrated Banned Books Week with a reading and book giveaway. Banned Books Week is sponsored by the American Library Association and celebrates our freedom to read. The IVC event has been organized by Professor Virginia Shank and IVC's librarians.

Inspired by the ALA's superhero theme, the intrepid Professor Shank made a cape. 

Quotations about censorship and the value of books were chalked on the sidewalk
from the library to the new Liberal Arts building.  Some students joined in. 

Red "I Read Banned Books" buttons were distributed to all. 

Dean Feldhus looking soulful as she reads.
Professor Shank sported a nifty open book shaved hair design.

It was admired by many.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Yippee! Yet the opinions of instructors about the Iraq War were banned in the classrooms once upon a time not terribly, terribly, terribly long ago at the order of the then VP of Instruction.

And the flags that once adorned the interior of the SSC Building were all taken down at President RoqueHead's decision so as not to offend anyone who had anti-communist sentiments (in particular, sentiments regarding the national flag of Vietnam). Hooray for diversity! Just look at the front cover of our catalogs -- we sure showed them.

We'll publicly read a banned book on campus. We'll show those critics how audacious IVC is.

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