Friday, September 9, 2016

IVC ceremonial abbondanza!

IVC denizens received these two fliers today:

     Unremarkably, completion of the Liberal Arts Building is a year behind schedule owing to various snafus, at least some of which were the fault of the contractor(s). The building looks nice both inside and out. So far so good (though students have already taken possession of it, and I've barely been inside!).
     You'll recall that Burnett of Saddleback College and Roquemore of IVC have carried on an extended pissing contest over control of ATEP. At one point, the Chancellor (Poertner, who took a powder recently) had to step in, shut everybody up, and make like Solomon, promising each college their own building with precisely the same square footage. I bet Burnett's out there right now double-checking the new building's footprint, if it even has one yet (likely not).
     Maybe I should drive out there, to beauteous Tustin, along sunny Redhill, and see if there's any hideous ooze poking up from the carcinogenic toxic waste below. I should go at night to see if anybody's glowing or puking. Or maybe I should collect some dog sh*t and leave a nice, neat pile for all to see, with a sign saying, "Raghu P. Mathur commemorative sh*tpile." (As you know, former Chancellor Mathur long imagined that the ATEP facility would be his chance to get chiseled onto Mount Rushmore. Fat chance of that now. He'll have to settle for that sh*tpile.)
     I should wear tiger pants. 
     Which reminds me: a former IVC administrator once told me that he is determined to live just long enough to piss on Mathur's grave. I do believe he meant it. I really do.
     I should do likewise when the time comes.

25 months ago (now called the "Liberal Arts Building")


Anonymous said...

OK, just saw a report by Brit Hume on FOX News re. crazy things going on at colleges today. He featured some nutty professor caught tearing down 911 commemoration posters from the bulletin boards at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA. Hume reported that the college administration stated something about campus bulletin boards being neutral zones or something like that. Does anyone know who this nutty professor is?

Roy Bauer said...

The posters were taken down because the student club that put them up failed to register properly as a club. Posters placed in the "free speech" zone on campus were left alone. These restrictions are the product of 1st Amendment litigation of the early 2000s by students whose freedoms were abridged or thwarted by administration. These rules represent an increase in freedom relative to the prior status quo. Right-wing organization (such as YAF) should not be accorded rights (e.g., plastering their posters everywhere) that are not equally accorded to liberal or left-organizations.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but who was the professor pulling the flyers down?

Anonymous said...

11:45 - check at the new story on the blog for the answer to your question!

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