Sunday, May 22, 2016

Veterans and the deceptive "for-profits" — Are you listening, Glenn?

From the 2014 report: students withdrawing within a year of enrolling
Veterans Groups Seek a Crackdown on Deceptive Colleges (New York Times)
WASHINGTON — Some of the nation’s largest veterans and military organizations sent letters last week to the Veterans Affairs Department asking it to crack down on colleges that prey on veterans by charging exorbitant fees for degrees that mostly fail to deliver promised skills and jobs.
     The letters were signed by top officials at the American Legion, the National Military Family Association, the Military Officers Association of America and nearly 20 other groups. They called on the department to improve its oversight of colleges that have engaged in deceptive recruiting and other illicit practices but that continue to receive millions in funding under the G.I. Bill.
     “We encourage you” to take steps against the dozen or so colleges facing “federal and state action for deceiving students,” one of the letters says.
     The career training and for-profit college industry has been accused in recent years of exploiting veterans, poor people and minorities. Veterans are an especially enticing target because, under a loophole in federal law, money from the G.I. Bill does not count against a cap on federal funding to for-profit schools.
. . .
     Education advocates say the veterans department’s unwillingness to police a program that costs taxpayers billions is difficult to understand.
     “The veterans we serve are understandably angry when they discover that the very consumer fraud they faced at a predatory school is one the V.A. knew about but approved for G.I. Bill benefits anyway,” said Carrie Wofford of Veterans Education Success, a nonprofit group…..
     Among the deceptive colleges: The U of Phoenix (owned by Apollo).
     As you know, IVC President Roquemore has made noisy efforts to help connect students to that dubious organization. See

Clueless IVC Prez Glenn Roquemore smiles as he makes nice with the enemy

     See also Is the New GI Bill of Rights Working? For-Profit Colleges Increasing Veteran Enrollment and Federal Funds, 2014

Vice President, Western Region, Workforce Solutions/University of Phoenix, Chuck Parker, President, Irvine Valley
College, Dr. Glenn R. Roquemore


Anonymous said...

Really? You mean the president of IVC is working with the most grievous abusers of GI Bill benefits? The very type of institution that aggressively pursues veterans, often leaving them thousands of dollars in debt while taking all of their GI Bill? We should be protecting students from these bad players, not getting in bed with them.

Roy Bauer said...

11:39, "yes" and "yes." Roquemore is sans clue

Anonymous said...

me thinks Glenn is getting a kickback!

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