Chancellor Gary Poertner buries the climate survey results in an obscure email

That's no way to treat a
"key performance indicator"!
     Our chancellor, Gary Poertner, is a sneaky guy.
     Did you know that he recently “promulgated” the 2014 District-wide Climate Survey results?
     You remember that—the survey, I mean. It was conducted from October 24 to November 14 of 2014. The results have been available at least since June of 2015.
     But, for some reason, Gary waited to do his promulgatin' 14 months post survey—last month, in an email sent on the 10th, late in the afternoon.
     That email’s title was pretty uninviting: “A Framework for Planning and Decision Making.”
     C’mon! Who in their right mind is gonna interrupt their busy day to read that?
     Buried in the communication is a link to the survey results. It's in the third paragraph. Check it out:
Dear SOCCCD employees, 
     In a multi-college district, the task of planning is a shared one. Over the past two years the District-wide Planning Council has overseen the redevelopment of the District-wide Strategic Plan. Many meetings were held to discuss shared priorities for our district, our community, and our students. The District-wide Strategic Plan 2014-2020 and District-wide Planning and Decision Making Manual 2015-2020 were approved by the Board of Trustees and are posted on the district’s website here.
     The plan has four major goals: 1.) strengthening our district’s environment; 2.) supporting student success; 3.) advancing our region’s economic and workforce development; and 4.) planning for long-term fiscal health, efficiency and effectiveness. The plan outlines 13 major objectives and identifies key performance indicators (KPI) for assessing our progress. The district-wide planning and decision making manual outlines the district-wide processes and organizational structure for informing these plans.
     In goal one, the district-wide climate survey is referenced as a major KPI. The results of the 2014 District-wide Climate Survey are posted on the district’s SharePoint intranet site here. [HERE!?]
     Thank you to the many faculty, staff and administrators from Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College and District Services for their contributions. This strategic plan should provide a strong framework to support the diverse needs of more than 40,000 students and 900,000 residents in our service area. 
Gary L. Poertner
     Golly. It’s pretty obvious that Gary doesn’t want us to find the survey results.
     As you know, I “promulgated” the survey here on DtB, nine months ago (in June). I hope you read them then. (See SOCCCD Climate Survey 2014 – results [June 13, 2015] & "Animosity": written comments on the November 2014 SOCCCD "climate survey" [unedited, unabridged] [June 16, 2015].)
     I’m guessin’ that Gary and the board are worried that members of the SOCCCD community will read the survey results and will thereby be reminded of their and others' staunch disgruntlement and harrumphitude. Awareness of what district personnel actually think about the SOCCCD and its leadership might create some embarrassing moments for everybody come the Accreditation visits.
     Well, I say, This is no way to treat a key performance indicator!

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Anonymous said…
I have read many of the comments in this survey and its no wonder they're trying to whitewash it. This is a must read for everyone for which one should dedicate a huge block of time.
Anonymous said…
Why do you think everything is a big conspiracy. Geez!
Roy Bauer said…
It is, of course, a very small conspiracy.
Anonymous said…
I think it may be possible that the IVC President may be afraid of IVC's VPI? Why else would he at least appear to do nothing about the fear and stress the guy seems to cause across IVC even though he has been made aware? After all these years, its the only thing I can think of.
Anonymous said…
They made a deal
Anonymous said…
Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions. -Bo Bennett
Anonymous said…
"I think it may be possible that the IVC President may be afraid of IVC's VPI? Why else would he at least appear to do nothing about the fear and stress the guy seems to cause across IVC even though he has been made aware?"

Not afraid, complicit. Roquemore hired Justice to do his and his wife's dirty work. Though a sadistic socio/psychopath who enjoys his work, he is merely the Roquemore Crime Family's enforcer/gunsel/trigger man.
Anonymous said…
I would love to see a new survey given regarding Workday. $12M for a system that is a disaster. Poll the classified staff for a true opinion of this debacle.
Anonymous said…
I don't get me started on "workday"!!!
What a waste of funds. Now spending money on a new software program tidemark to make up the holes of worstday. Next thing you know we will be asked to lower our standards to accommodate worstday. Blech!
Anonymous said…
It's called Workday, because it creates more work for Classified staff. The system is a complete disaster but no one in Administration will speak up about it. Classified are just told to get the job done no matter what. The Administration doesn't care about the problem or the staff. That is why nothing has been done.
Anonymous said…
Tell me how we have put up with the VPI this long time?
Anonymous said…
The same way we put up with the other VP's

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