Monday, January 4, 2016

Irvine, 90 years ago

Many if not all of these photos depict the area that is now called "Old Town" in Irvine (Sand Canyon at, or just south of, the 5). Click on photos to enlarge them.

Bonus pics:

Jeffrey Rd. at Triomph, Irvine, Aug. 1968 or 1969.
IVC was constructed ten years later—down the road and to the left

Perspective of above photo
El Toro Rd. @ Laguna Canyon, c. 1973 (not quite in Irvine)
Culver Drive @ University, looking south, c. 1963.
Assuming we're on Culver, the future site of Mason Park would be ahead and to the right of the road (i.e., straight ahead). UCI would be behind Mason Park (dead ahead, more or less, beyond that darkened hill).

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