Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Who counts as an "educator"?

We missed this one, five days ago:

California Accreditor Loses Appeal (Inside Higher Ed, Jan 7)
Babs vs. educators
. . .The [DOE's] decision is the latest development in a complicated, drawn-out battle over the accreditation of California's community colleges. In 2013, ACCJC sought to revoke the accreditation of the City College of San Francisco. That decision drew sharp criticism from faculty unions and California political leaders, who filed lawsuits and brought their complaints about the accreditor to the Education Department.

     Critics of the ACCJC see one of those issues -- the federal standard requiring that accreditors be "widely accepted" among educators -- as particularly helpful to their cause because, they argue, the accreditor has only continued to lose support among California community colleges since the CCSF showdown. Leaders of the state's community college system, for example, last year said that they have lost faith in the ACCJC and are looking for ways to transition to a new accrediting agency.
     Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers, praised the department's decision, saying it affirmed the union's concerns with the accreditor.
     The department, he said in a statement, "has wisely rejected ACCJC's appeal, and we look forward to the department's assistance as we move to find a new path for accreditation in California."
Two portions of the letter/decision (dated Jan 4):

Glenn and Tod can stick this in their pipe and smoke it.


Anonymous said...

What goes round comes around.

Anonymous said...

I believe at minimum that the people of any accreditation organization should be able to write coherent sentences. I have found 'Empress Beno's' writing to be inadequate, not unlike much of the writing of the Administration of the SOCCCD, SOCCCD IT and IVC Administration.

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