Sunday, November 15, 2015

Recognizing IVC's past, part 6 (last in series)

Summer 1991
Spring 2004

SUMMER 1991 Schedule of classes

Before Raghu Mathur became IVC's President in 1997, these Schedules of Classes (SOCs) routinely included photos of college employees (faculty, administrators—even classified) and students. After Mathur's rise, however, only anonymous photos of students appeared, and, after awhile, even they disappeared. On the other hand, Mathur's photo always appeared, and when he ascended to the Chancellorship, it continued invariably to appear where the President's photo (and "welcome") used to appear, on page 1.

SPRING 2004 Schedule of classes

To me, this one looks like a Pennysaver

That's B200 in the background

Mathur's photo invariably appeared. Here, he seems addled. Eventually he learned to pose and to hire professionals to try to make him look smart, hip, in control.

...and the President's welcome was moved to a secondary position in the SOC

Just outside the library

Is it just me? Seems like students never change. Always cute and fluffy and full of goofy charm.
Miscellaneous covers

Spring 1994 cover

Summer 1993 cover
Students! Posies! The beach!

Summer 1997 cover
I rather like this one

Summer 1998 cover
This one, too


Anonymous said...

Raghu and company did both colleges much damage. Anytime folks see themselves as the center of the educational universe, serious problems often arise. Do our current two college presidents qualify as the centers of each college's universe?

Anonymous said...

"administration, faculty --- even (??) classified" were included in the class schedule?

Raghu and company did a great deal of damage indeed. It is also important to keep all our prejudices in check while pointing out the failings of others.

Roy Bauer said...

When I wrote that sentence, I was aware that someone might take it as you seem to. But I decided to disregard that kind of oversensitivity. We should not be surprised when the world expects a college schedule of classes to include pictures of students and teachers and not administrative assistants and janitors, et al. Accommodating such expectations does not deny the importance of what the latter do. No, one does not expect to see images of, say, the reroofing of old buildings in the schedule. One might find oneself saying, "even the roofers appear in the schedule." That is no insult to roofers.

Anonymous said...

I do appreciate the honesty in stating that you decided to disregard that type of oversensitivity. Given that many administrative assistants, specialists, lab technicians,(many staff in a variety of ways and in every office) interact with students as much or even more so than many faculty do, one can become "oversensitive" to such comments I suppose. It is a bit insulting that a photo of a classified with a student or group of students or involved in a college professional activity could so easily be compared to the unexpected photo of the "reroofing of an old building." I would hope that each of us might hope and expect to see photos of classified employees in their work environments as any of the rest of you in your work environments. This seems a fine goal. I look forward to the day when I read in a memo, an email or a publication "board of trustees, administration.....even faculty." In reference to a matter that involves our college. Trust me---I can predict the reaction. I better get back to making shingles. Thank you for your response.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised Classified are in the schedules... they provide vital services that enable the college to function. Hey Roy, some Classified teach. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Roy is actually pointing out the very issue that some are demonstrating a sensitivity to (and rightly so). He points out that now it would be unusual for classified to be featured given the lack of support and respect for the staff that generally exists at our campus. He wasn't saying that *even* classified staff were featured when they should not have been. It was more a statement of the respect that IVC used to have for classified that now seems lost in the now depersonalized catalog...

Roy Bauer said...

5:02: yep

Anonymous said...

I think the stenographer in the first photo was an NBU.

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