We're Number One! (According to EdSmart)

According to EdSmart, IVC is one of the top community college in the greater L.A. area. This is their write up:
Graduation and Transfer Rate: 55%
Student Population: 13,632 (2013)
In-state Tuition (2014-2015)
Off campus with family: $19,398
Off campus: $7,842
Out-of-state Tuition
Off Campus with family:$24,102
Off campus: $12,546
Irvine Valley College sits up top with a solid 55% graduation and transfer rate. With a student population of over 13,000 students, the high transfer rate translates into a lot of students making their goal of entering university. IVC is found within 50 miles of nine universities, making it an ideal location for students wanting to attend a four-year school. IVC’s success can be attributed to their honors program which enables students to achieve more in a challenging curriculum. Students in these programs are given priority consideration to UC schools like UCLA and UCI as well as several other universities.

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Anonymous said…
lies, all lies!
Anonymous said…
7:44 How about some evidence to back your assertions.
Anonymous said…
Yes, 7:44, some evidence would be nice?
Anonymous said…
9:28, 10:24, good lord, it's a JOKE! Lighten up! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from you two!

btw 10:24, why is that a question? Me thinks you not edumacated.
Anonymous said…
Must be Glenn and Davit, no sense of humor.
Anonymous said…
2:41, interesting rhetorical strategy when you do not have the evidence to support the claim.
Anonymous said…
What part of "it's a joke" do you not understand 10:33am? OMG! Clearly an A100 resident!

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