Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Emigdio Vasquez Event is a Blazing Success

A festive event (Click on graphic to enlarge the pic).
Steve writes to say: "Here we see Grecia Rodas (in the blue dress) with
Noemi [Rodriguez; see below] as they listen to the band.
Grecia is a current music major in trumpet at IVC."
Emigdio's son, "Higgy" Vasquez
The unveiling (in my mind) of the mural, La Educación y El Trabajo

Lots of people turned out. For once, we ran out of food!
Alvarez, Marmolejo, Thomas
The wonderful Mariachi Toro—with Noemi Rodriguez, an IVC voice student
The unveiling of the mural: La Educación y El Trabajo (Education and Work)
Dean Karima Feldhus, Liberal Arts, addressed the group
The School of Humanities' Lisa Alvarez
Frank and Linda

"Higgy" Vasquez, et al.
Trustee Marcia Milchiker at right

Cheryl Delson and Jeanne Egasse

Yes, a mariachi band! They were very well received

Linda Thomas, former editor of "The Ear"

Rosmary Vasquez Tuthill
Jody Titus introduces Fullerton College Ethnic Studies instructor Gerald Padilla
Padilla, et al.

Jeff Hurlbut, IVC Interim Director, Facilities
Saul Reynoso, Mariachi Toro, IVC Music Alumnus (With Steve R)
Steve writes: "Saul Reynoso graduated from El Toro HS in 2008, from IVC in
2010 and transferred to Chapman University where he graduated in 2013;
he is now working on his Teaching Credential and Masters Degree
(combined program) at UCI and will likely become a middle school music teacher."
IVC President Roquemore and Higgy Vasquez
Unveiling of the plaque

A student? She stepped up and sang a tune with the band. It was wonderful.
Steve R writes with this info: "this is Noemi Rodriguez, a current music
major in voice at IVC, singing with Mariachi Toro."

Lisa's dad, at left, is over 90 years old. An old Navy man.


Anonymous said...

Just great.

Anonymous said...

An inspiration to have more events on campus. So much fun!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photographs of a wonderful event.

Anonymous said...

Will some of these photos be available in your school paper? A truly beautiful event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking and sharing such great photos of such a special event.

katarina said...
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Anonymous said...

That mural is amazing. Really glad I got to attend this event. I also got to meet the son of Vasquez who restored the mural. To be able to paint like your father like that is pretty special. Anyhow it was cool and loved the mariachis.

Anonymous said...

8:42, administration does not support free speech. And so there's no more school paper and there's no more community journal ("The Ear"). But if the college wants to use any of these images, they are welcome to them, as always. --Roy

Anonymous said...

Stupid question of the day...
What is the title of the mural? Nothing on the plaque or in the program. ☺Was Don Rickner to the dedication since it was Rickner and the Foundation that paid for the mural. �� Muchas gracias

Roy Bauer said...

The caption of the fourth photo states the title: La Educación y El Trabajo (Education and Work)

Anonymous said...

I think the name plate for the mural is scheduled to be posted on the other pillar.

Anonymous said...

Got to meet Director, Katherine Bowers at the event as well. I saw her over at the other mural in Orange last year working on the documentary. I'm learning t.v. here at IVC. Always an inspiration to meet someone who is actually doing it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could have her back at campus. It was sure nice to have a big cultural event with nice turnout from the college - staff and faculty and students all together. Really nice vibe.

zerry ht said...

Yeah I agree that Emigdio Vasquez Event was a Blazing Success. I'm sure everyone had a blast. On the Christmas eve we are going to attend such a great concert at some outdoor event venues San Francisco. I am so excited!!

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, they posted the link to the Emigdio Vasquez Documentary with his son, Higgy who restored his father's mural.

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