Friday, August 28, 2015

SOCCCD is way below the state average (and below local districts) for percentage of full-time faculty. Oh my!

    Gosh, lately, faculty at IVC have again been carping about the low rate at which the college, led by Glenn Roquemore, hires full-time faculty. Some have recently noted, for instance, that Saddleback College seems to hire far more full-timers than does IVC, a discrepancy not accounted for by the two colleges’ differences in size. (This year, SC seems to be pursuing 16 hires while IVC seems to be pursuing 6.)
     What gives?
     Maybe it’s time for some comparisons to other colleges and districts.

     This morning, I had occasion to view the standings of local (i.e., OC) community colleges via the so-called STUDENT SUCCESS SCORECARD, a cluster of official metrics made available by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. At that site, one can select individual colleges and learn such factoids as a college’s “percentage of full-time faculty.” (Actually, these percentages seem to be for the entire district in question, not for individual colleges.)
     Below, I present the data for the state, taken as a whole, and for each of the Orange County community colleges (presented by district). 
     Statewide, the percentage of full-time faculty is about 56%, which matches the rate at the Coast Community College District and which is far exceeded at both the Rancho Santiago CCD and the NOCCCD.
     One district, however, seems to stand alone in this regard. It falls way below the statewide average. That would be the South Orange County Community College District.
     Oh my.

Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 56.1%

Santa Ana College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 63.1%
Santiago Canyon College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 63.1%

Fullerton College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 61.7%
Cypress College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty

Coastline Community College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 56.8%
Orange Coast College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 56.8%
Golden West College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 56.8%

Irvine Valley College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 49.1%
Saddleback College
Percentage of Full-Time Faculty 49.1%

(Note: re the currency of the data: for the entries per college, we’re told, “The student population and course sections offered described in the tables are based on the 2013-14 academic year.”)

     Looks bad. My guess is that IVC ranks significantly lower than SC. I wonder what the figure is? Glenn?
     We suck, and we suck hard.


     Check out the "Student Counseling Ratio" Statewide: 722 students per counselor. The rates for Fullerton, Cypress, Golden West, and IVC are in that ballpark. Not so everyone else (way worse).



Anonymous said...

The SOCCCD Board won't address the issue, however, there is the upcoming Accreditation. There are a number of issues that could be addressed and surprisingly when the ACCJC gets involved, shit happens.

Anonymous said...

I would love to tell them the way James Bettencourt and Mark Murphy are treating custodians in campus.

Anonymous said...

What do you do when Management tells you it's your word against mine and that the District will believe Management before classified.

Anonymous said...

The faculty association requested an early retirement program. 50 plus retired. So, duh! What do you expect.

Anonymous said...

According to what I have heard James Bettencourt told custodians that District will take Management word over theirs .

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how the faculty salaries in our district compare to our nearby districts. Perhaps we have a lower percentage of full-time faculty because that's all we can afford. I had heard there was a study that shows our faculty are among the highest paid in the state and it took all of about 5 seconds of Google research to find this document:

It looks like our faculty are the second highest paid in the entire state (only behind Mira Costa). I would think this data should be of interest to you in your analysis of hiring practices.

Anonymous said...

Our administrators are also paid relatively well:

Anonymous said...


Just point the accreds to all the telling comments in the most recent climate survey.

Anonymous said...

8:53 do you have the accreditation contact info.

Anonymous said...

It's a tradeoff, early retirement incentive,salary increases for facility, more hires. Looks to me like we picked number 1 and 2 and now everyone is complaining.

Anonymous said...

Many of the local community colleges have used SEP funds to hire counselors. IVC chose to hire a director.

Anonymous said...

8:31..everytime, that's what they do. Want their cake and eat it too. Oh, and pie, and ice cream, and whatever everyone else has.

Anonymous said...

When we fail over and over again to hire FT impacted areas (math and English) we delay the transfer of students by a year or more. Or else we lose them to other districts. Poor leadership. Incompetence. Corruption.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say cake? Bill Hewitt can't wait to get his fingers into it.

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