Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the news: Community Colleges and student orientation

El Camino College (where Rebel Girl started out as a student long ago) was in the news today. Check out Jason Song's article "Community colleges step up efforts to get students to attend orientation" in the Los Angeles Times:

In anticipation of the law, El Camino administrators began pushing all students last year to attend orientation services, which include a tour of the campus, placement testing and meeting with an academic counselor. Students, with a few exceptions, have to complete orientation before they are allowed to register for classes.
At El Camino, which had nearly 24,000 students last fall, those in a special first-year experience program are required to attend orientation. In fall 2013, 92% of those students finished their fall courses with passing grades, about 10% better than students who are not required to go.
State officials haven't tracked orientation statistics long enough to see if they are related to academic success, officials said.
A 2006 study by the Florida Department of Education found that about 60% of students in the state who took a "student life skills" orientation course before classes began passed their courses, nearly 20% higher than their peers who did not.
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Anonymous said...

El Camino hired 42 counselors?!?

Anonymous said...

SEP funds perhaps?

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