Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another one bites the dust (Fuentes' hagiographer reportedly caught with hand in the cookie jar)

Wu: oops
"So much has changed in my life since I met Tom, and he has guided me through all of it. Who will guide me now?"
     Here’s a curious little story. Some will recall that the late Tom Fuentes had some peculiarly avid admirers, including Register columnist Frank Mickadeit and Newport Beach Republican activist Jack Wu. Wu’s writings about Fuentes were so fawning that I dubbed him Fuentes’ “hagiographer,” although Mickadeit equally deserved that description.
     Well, in today’s OC Reg, we read that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher [has filed a] complaint that treasurer Jack Wu stole from [Rohrabacher’s] campaign:
     Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has filed a complaint accusing his former campaign treasurer, prominent Newport Beach Republican activist Jack Wu, of stealing nearly $175,000 from his re-election committee.
     The congressman fired Wu last month after committee members found just $187 in an account that was supposed to have about $185,000, Rohrabacher’s staff said Wednesday. They said Wu has stolen at least $173,500….
     Say it ain’t so!
     It will be interesting to see where this story goes.

DtB mentionings of Jack Wu:

     The OC Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley informs us that Nick Gerda (Voice of OC) broke this story yesterday:

Dana Rohrabacher’s Campaign Treasurer Accused of Embezzlement
“Upon discovering this information, Mr. Wu was immediately replaced as committee treasurer and the bank account was frozen. The committee confronted Mr. Wu with these allegations and Mr. Wu admitted to taking approximately $173,500 in funds from the committee’s account. The committee also demanded immediate, full restitution, and Mr. Wu promised to do so, but as of this date has failed to do so.”
On Wu's Twitter account: "Kick ass for da Lord!"

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I just love this story--thanks for making my day.

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