Friday, March 13, 2015

Omnishambles II

The omnishambolic Glenn Roquemore, permanent IVC President
     Is the recent decision/action (See) to cease three full-time faculty search-and-hire processes (at IVC) another instance of inappropriately precipitous Presidential unilateralism? Yesterday, we were told:
Because the District is expected to be 20 faculty positions over its Faculty Obligation Number this year, IVC will be hiring 6 new faculty positions plus 2 positions from last year, but cannot prudently hire beyond this number.
     But the Faculty Obligation Number is a minimum, not a maximum. Shouldn’t the decision whether or not to go ahead with these three beyond-minimum-required hires be a question for the whole college—a matter that involves the perspective of the faculty among other groups?
Glenn Roquemore
     You’ll recall that President Roquemore was accused of inappropriate unilateral action two and a half years ago during that odd “fiscal crisis” of Fall 2012 (See.) That time, faced with a (mysteriously) sudden fiscal crisis (golly, expenses are going up and revenue is flat! Who knew?), Roquemore, consulting no one, panicked and planned to pull the plug on all hires as an emergency cost-cutting measure. That move produced some serious push-back, forcing Roquemore to "compromise" and, in the end, allow some (but, importantly, not all) of the hires to go forward. Meanwhile, somehow, Saddleback College managed to continue apace with its hires.
     So here we are again. IVC will lose hires and, not doubt, its sister college will not (or will lose fewer).
     That sucks. It sucks anew.
     Send all complaints to President Glenn Roquemore, IVC (
     (Faculty, you might want to contact your Academic Senate President:

      See: Glenn Roquemore: omnishambles (FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013)


Anonymous said...

poor leadership it's been that way sense ragu

Anonymous said...

We have never regained all the hires we lost when Davit and Glenn spread them out over three years. We lost growth during that time and we continue to. Every chair can tell you how difficult it is to staff classes especially in Math and English. We can no longer have MOUs for PTers to teach overtime. They do not care how their policies affect students nor our part-time faculty. The idea that our resources are going to support an ATEP dream program instead of meeting the very real needs on this campus is yet one more sign of our president's obliviousness. The failure to hire an LD specialist is an insult. Watch watch happens next year - yes, we may get these three - but at the expense of others we might have had - and sorely need. DO NOT BE SATISFIED. They depend on, count on us to fill int eh gaps as we have always done. But many of us have had it. Check out how they spend money for overtime for a select few - overtime that Davit and Glenn approve just liek that that could make several salaries.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "three years" move was mentioned in the original "Omnishambles" post for which I provide a link here.

Anonymous said...

Saddleback is cutting ZERO.

Anonymous said...

I think the suggestion to check how overtime pay is spent is a good one. People need to be aware of this.

Anonymous said...

This seems like a clear violation of Board Policy

According to 4101.1, the college president can cancel a search but only if "the College cannot fiscally support the position." Once the recruitment process has begun, BP 4101.1 has to be followed. The Faculty Obligation Number is NOT part of this equation. I think they used that as some kind of red herring.

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