Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Resolution of the Women's Studies imbroglio

     You'll recall that IVC's School of Humanities (formerly the School of Humanities and Languages) has sought realignment of "Women's Studies" to the School and Department of Humanities. To make a long story short, the School of Guidance and Counseling sought to retain that program (actually, it is no longer a program; it has lapsed into non-program status). The issue was coming to a vote on the floor of the IVC Academic Senate.
     It now appears that the conflict has been resolved and no Senate vote will be necessary G&C has backed off. This morning, Jamie Poster, chair of the Hum. Dept., met with the relevant G&C chair and the Academic Senate President. The School of G&C (I'm told) "has agreed to realign WS 10 and WS 20 to [Humanities], starting fall '15." Further, as per our School's suggestion, G&C will keep WS 120 [Women and Work], but rename it ... G&C 120."
     Congratulations to all involved for resolving this problem.

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Great news.

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