Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I see the future, and it's good

I do believe that Nguyen was once a
student of Red Emma's
Bao Nguyen Is Garden Grove's History-Making Mayor in More Ways Than His Ethnicity
(NavelGazing, Nov. 25)

…Bao seemed destined for electoral politics. He would argue with conservative classmates at Pacifica High during the 1996 Bob Dornan-Loretta Sanchez battle. He volunteered for former state senator Joe Dunn's campaign while studying political science at UC Irvine and won an internship that took him to Capitol Hill. But Bao left the political realm early last decade to earn a master's degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, a private university founded by a Tibetan monk with the help of Beat poets.
. . .
Victory seemed unlikely, despite the backing of the Orange County Labor Federation and the Democratic Party. But through meet-and-greets, precinct walking, and calling on his volunteer base, Bao pulled off an improbable victory. Unsurprisingly, Bao had to weather smear campaigns painting him as a communist sympathizer, a move that cost him thousands of votes.
. . .
Bao takes a particular interest in the city's younger residents, not just because of his own age and his two years on the school board, but because he feels that constituency pushed him over the top. "We got a lot of mail-in votes from college towns--those students were the 15 [votes that secured his victory]."....

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