Friday, October 17, 2014

Cal State and Its Faculty Reach Tentative Contract Deal
(Inside Higher Ed)


Anonymous said...

A long memory is dangerous and useful thing. I am grateful for yours. Frogue's defenders are still around.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but this post is meant for the latest thread on Frogue, where posting has been convieniently disabled.

Its just a name, roy. You progressives are the biggest offenders when it comes to this sort of stuff and you know it. You've got all kinds of orgs. that sport words like democracy, liberty, freedom, equality, fairness, etc... whose missions, in reality, are mostly opposite of their claims. Your own blog is a great example. What, deleting opposing views while claiming your blog is the fairest? All hunky-dory with you folks at dtb. I digress...

Your blog is like a giant, never ending leftist temper tantrum. You should really just, LOL, there's another example! Their name suggests that they get past things and move on, but they never actually do.

If this Frogue guy is such a bad man, then how did he get completely vindicated from the racist allegations made by his students? How is it that he survived two well organized recall efforts backed with big, progressive, do-gooder $ when he was our trustee?

I donno roy, but your dots are just not connecting, and points not adding up... Perhaps by composing much larger, more complex articles it will somehow all come together and the common folk will begin to understand what you're trying to say?

Looks like a bunch of intellectual masterbation to me. If you think things are so bad here in a rotten, racist OC, then why do you choose to live and work here? Its a big country out there, ya know...

I heard SF City College is hiring...

Roy Bauer said...

Posting has NOT been disabled anywhere on the blog. If you are having trouble posting, it is because of some quirk of the Blogspot system that I cannot address, not anything we are doing on this end. But I'm glad you were able to post here.
We are not in the habit of deleting posts, unless they are racist or otherwise seriously offensive. (It's almost a matter of aesthetics to us. We don't what such crap blighting our blog. We have no trouble at all letting people air "other" views. THAT isn't the problem.)
This blog is not particularly "leftist," as leftist blogs go. For instance, we have not hopped on any of the many familiar liberal or "leftist" bandwagons (instances of PC, etc.). We try to approach things clearly and openly, making our reasons known, not relying on labels (except as a matter of humor for humor's sake).
Take the case of Mr. Frogue, who plainly expressed ideas of the "Holocaust denial" variety. (We wrote about all that nearly twenty years ago and are not especially inclined to bring it all back again here.) I did not simply point at Frogue and proclaim "behold the Holocaust denier!" On the contrary, I did considerable research on the matter and explained what Holocaust denial should be regarded as incompetent and unsavory.
Sometimes we simply assume that our readers are up to speed why something should be rejected (e.g., skepticism regarding foolish hysteria re college violence, etc.). But, at times, our readers disappoint us, failing to understand what any reasonably educated person should understand by now.
Mr. Frogue was not vindicated, although I have no doubt that he regularly says so. The OC Reg, LA Times, and IVC Voice articles alone document Mr. Frogue's offensive and incompetent thinking and quoted many of Mr. Frogue's students. That Mr. Frogue said things indicating racism and stunning cluelessness (e.g., his fondness for daft conspiracy theories, his failure to appreciate the incompetence of IHR "research," etc.) is a matter that we and others carefully documented with ample quotations, citations, etc.
I was very much involved in the Frogue Recalls, and I know exactly why those recalls failed. They failed because, despite Frogue's representing only one seventh of the South County population, he was elected at large, and thus we were obliged to get signatures of 10% (I think that was the figure) of the ENTIRE South County area, which is vast. At the time, political observers were stunned by how successful our efforts were.
As for the brevity of our posts: we have full-time jobs. Nevertheless, in the past, even the relatively recent past, we've presented many lengthy & serious posts and series (about Mr. Fuentes, college history, college scandals, etc.), but you'd have to pay attention to realize that. You might want to peruse the "page" tabs near the top of this blog.
I find it curious that you are full of indignation about this blog, but you don't bother to rebut even ONE point I made in the brief piece about Frogue. For instance, is it (or is it not) a fact that this "Sons of" organization has a history of racial extremism (a bit of a euphymism, that)? Is it (or is it not) a fact that this organization produces such sentiments as "the South was right!"? And so on. These are matters of fact. That a decent and intelligent person would join such an organization is beyond me.
Gosh, I go to so much trouble getting my facts straight and then clueless assholes like you show up misspelling "masturbation" and offering arguments of this "You a Liberal! QED!" sort.
(Get out your dictionary, dude. Better yet, go back to watching Fox news.)

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