Thursday, September 18, 2014

More on Roquemore's MOU pals, U of Phoenix

When in doubt, Roquemore drops out of airplanes
     You’ll recall that, a few weeks ago, perennially clueless IVC President, Glenn Roquemore, arranged for a big Photo Op at which he and a University of Phoenix rep noisily signed an MOU, allowing IVC students to save 10% on tuition (at U of P). That created quite a flap, given U of P’s record and reputation. The U of P, like so many for-profits, has an extensive and continuing history of predatory (and other unsavory) practices, to the detriment of students, especially veterans.
     Could it be that President Roquemore is unaware of U of P’s notorious record? That would be unsurprising. Or is it that he just doesn’t care? That too would be unsurprising.
     According to IVC counselors, amid the brouhaha, perhaps sensing the need for immediate CYA, administrators commenced claiming that the counseling faculty supported the MOU. Not so, said the counselors at an IVC Academic Senate meeting two weeks ago.
     At today’s Senate meeting, a counselor provided further information about for-profit colleges, including the U of Phoenix. She distributed an official-looking list of colleges and universities that, owing to federal rules, are ineligible to receive Cal Grants. Institutions are placed on the list if student loan default rates are 15.5% or higher or grad rates are below 30%.
     She noted that the U of Phoenix is on the list. (U of P loan default rate: 26%; grad rate is 19%. 65% of U of P students acquire Federal loans.)
     At the meeting, I noted that Kaplan College (or at least some of its campuses) are also on this list. IVC has a loose association with Kaplan. (Kaplan rents space at IVC.)
     I did not say (but now note) that the institution that employed former Chancellor Mathur post-SOCCCD—Argosy U of OC—is also on the list.
Shit list

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