Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's OC all right

Orange County Judge Faces Historic Decision in Prosecutorial Misconduct Case (OC Weekly/NavelGazing) Excerpt:
     T[he] documented OCSD jail deputy corruption included destroying evidence, committing perjury, doctoring logs, unnecessarily firing weapons at inmates sitting on toilets, ignoring medical emergencies, bolstering the power of incarcerated organized crime bosses, encouraging inmate-on-inmate violence and spending work hours running private businesses, sleeping, surfing the Internet, watching TV or texting love interests.
     Yet, the panel declared in a 120-page, July 7 opinion involving the 2006 jailhouse murder of an inmate, John Derek Chamberlain, that OCSD corruption did not amount to an "outrageous government conduct" finding that would dismiss murder convictions for inmates who participated in beating Chamberlain to death and who claim deputies encouraged the crime by falsely branding the victim a child molester....

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