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The agenda for Monday's board meeting: "two campuses" at ATEP?

From IVC: then and now (Pinterest)*
     As is his custom, five days before the meeting of the Board of Trustees (BOT), Chancellor Gary Poertner has provided a link to the agenda (Monday, July 21).
     I've had a brief look at it.
     A DtB reader noticed this closed session item:

     This would seem to concern Helen Locke—until a few months ago anyway, she was IVC's Director of Student Life.

     Saddleback College Pres. Tod Burnett’s report includes:

     Check out that second paragraph. Preparing for riots and protests, eh? Re cops in general (not our cops in particular): we've got to keep an eye on 'em. Their record hasn't been so good lately, especially in OC.

     IVC Pres. Glenn Roquemore’s report includes:

     My school (Humanities) will be located in the new and improved A400 that will be constructed at the site. My colleagues and I are looking forward to the change.
     So the actual tear-down took just one day? Sheesh. Maybe it was made of papier-mâché.
     A400 was one among the original four buildings of the campus, when it opened as Saddleback College "north" in 1979. The campus became an autonomous college, IVC, in 1985.
     Also included in Roquemore's report:

     "College of the Future." That's the name,  I guess,  for what they're finally building out at ATEP.  According to this blurb, there will be "two new campuses in Tustin at ATEP." Two campuses?
     You'll recall that a lengthy pissing contest between SC's Burnett and IVC's Roquemore over control over ATEP yielded the Solomonic decision by Chance. Poertner to build two equal buildings at the site, one per college. Sheesh.

     So Davit goes from being a lowly "director" to a VP—just like that. No hiring committee, no interviews, no nothin'.

     This month’s “discussion” item is:
4.1 Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College: Student Success Scorecard for Community Colleges. A presentation on performance indicators for Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College.
     D&P show.

     Included among consent calendar items is this:
5.7 SOCCCD: Irvine Valley College A400 Design Build Project, Change Order No. 2, Swinerton Builders. Approve and authorize staff to execute the corresponding contract change order which will result in an increase of $300,000 for a revised contract total of $9,150,000.
Some details:

     This is a list of add-ons and their cost, I think.

     Among the “general” action items is this:
6.5 Irvine Valley College: School of Humanities and Languages and the School of Library Services Realignment. Approve the realignment in an effort to increase efficiencies and yield two balanced schools to be named as the School of Humanities and the School of Languages and Learning Resources, effective July 22, 2014. The Dean of Liberal Arts will continue to oversee both schools.
*Saddleback College also has a Pinterest page: here. Below is one of its photos:

Evidently, this depicts the college's new program in "Kinky Kinesiology"
(Just kidding: Saddleback "fashion")

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