Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things to come

Evidently, the new and improved A400 will be landscaped with translucent trees.
Flex Week will include public appearances by two—count 'em—two Chancellors.
In the future, everyone will drive a flying car

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Anonymous said...

Here's a great thing John wants to do to the hardworking employees of facilities and maintenance. Change their hours to 8-5! When the parking lots be cleaned? You want the groundsmen to sweat it out in the 95 degree heat at 4 in the afternoon? Do you think vendors want to arrive after 8am to install hvac equipment? LoL no! Stop the insanity. The health and safety issues are too numerous to mention here. If you need late afternoon and evening coverage fill out a resource form like the rest of us stiffs. Good luck with all of the special events and classes that begin at 7 or 8. No one will be around to help.

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