Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wendy's EXCELLENT adventure—top primary vote-getter in 73rd AD

From the OC Reg; info from Registrar of Voters
Gabriella (D) and Brough (R) will
advance to the general election
     ...[Wendy] Gabriella had the best chance of riding the ideological divide in the Republican Party into Sacramento if Petrilla or Bryson had been nominated. Brough makes it a harder road. But she’s a bright and engaging figure and he apparently has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way — I heard people wonder if his coming out of an apparently resigned slumber to almost overtake Gabriella for the top spot in the primary was some sort of ballot tabulation error. Gabriella has worked hard and is not just another Democratic sacrificial lamb in South OC. If Brough doesn’t do a really good job of consolidating the party — and he’s going to need good luck to make that happen — Gabriella could be the sort of shocking Democratic success coming out of OC than Sharon Quirk-Silva was in 2012, except even more unlikely. She has already gotten off to a decent start! Anyone in touch with Jesse Petrilla, so we can find out what he thinks about his coming in third?Greg Diamond in Wednesday’s Orange Juice Blog

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Good for her!

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