Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tiny chance of a BIG freakin' wave

Lucy Jones
     Today, our sometimes pal Matt Coker posted about the “tsunami risk” in Huntington Beach: Earthquake Experts: Huntington Beach Tsunami Risk is Very Real (NavelGazing).
     According to Matt,
     If you live in Huntington Beach, and especially along the coast there, you'd be wise to figure out a quick route to reach higher ground.
     That's the advice of Lucy Jones, Southern California media's go-to expert on earthquakes and tsunamis....
     You remember Lucy Jones. She’s one of the two or three inevitable experts who shows up on TV news after each significant earthquake, at least here in the southland.
     Hey! DtB has been on the case, tsunami-wise, for years. And, Matt, the danger doesn’t exist only in Surf City! It exists along the whole OC coast.
     Just sayin’.
     Check out especially our first post, back in 2006, which unearthed a state-sponsored report that discusses the small possibility of a big cataclysm, owing to underwater landslides on the east face of Catalina Island. Evidently, there's evidence that such landslide-generated tsunamis have occurred historically.
     But don't worry. The slow "wave" that will engulf the region owing to global temp change will do its worst long before this locally-caused tsunami is likely to ruin anyone's day.
     I'm always lookin' on the bright side.

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