Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nancy ♥︎ Bill Brough, not Wendy Gabriella

     About a week ago, OC Political blog (here) reported that the “California Republican Assembly … today ... endorsed Bill Brough to be the next State Assemblyman from the 73rd district.”
     Included among Brough’s supporters is one “Nancy Padberg, VP, South OC Community College District.”
     Former Irvine Valley College Academic Senate President, Wendy Gabriella, is running for the 73rd as a Democrat.
     Nancy doesn’t seem to like Democrats.
     Leading among Republican candidates in campaign cash is Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman Jesse Petrilla, who, it was recently revealed, was convicted of assault with a firearm when he was 17.
     He’s a lout.

Petrilla Makes Statement to CRA About 2001 Arrest – Double Wow! (OC Political)
...Now at the CRA convention he apparently doubles down by having a statement read to us in which he claims to have “beat the charges!” I guess Jesse Petrilla and some of his supporters don’t understand something extremely important – that Mr. Petrilla’s statements about this incident in which he essentially denies that he plead no contest (i.e. guilty) to two felony charges were only four weeks ago and last Saturday!!! It is his truthfulness now that concerns me more than what happened in 2001....

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Go, Ms. Wendy.

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