Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FU of Phoenix

Protecting Our Veterans From Domestic Enemies (Jerome KohlbergHuffington Post)
     …One deplorable practice that epitomizes the triumph of greed over the greater good is the exploitation of our returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans by predatory players in the for-profit "education" industry. Many operate with questionable academic credentials or lack proper accreditation, often leaving veterans and their families heavily in debt with little or nothing to show for it. For-profits account for half the nation's student loan defaults although they enroll 13% of the country's students. More than two-thirds of students attending these for-profit companies don't graduate.
     These for-profits businesses – I will not call them colleges – target veterans, because they are eligible for GI Bill and other federal education benefits.
. . .
     For my colleagues who are still considering the wisdom of remaining in a declining business that is predicated on marketing over morality, I would ask you this question: if you help create a generation of under-educated, unemployable Americans in order to make a quick dollar, who will be able to buy whatever else you have to sell? There will be no middle class left in America. The engine that made our country prosper after World War II will have been sold off for parts.

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